DEAL: $400 Off Brand New Canon 5D Mark III

DEAL: $400 Off Brand New Canon 5D Mark III

Right now, the Canon 5D Mark III is on sale on Ebay for $2,886, which is $400 less than other retailers even after the current $200 instant rebate. If you missed your chance to buy Canon before they cracked down on MAP pricing and are kicking yourself, it looks like you just got another chance. If you're shopping for the perfect gift, this is a great chance to grab it while it's discounted.

You can get the Canon 5D Mark III for $2,886 on Ebay here.

[Via Canon Rumors]

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You just triggered a purchase! Thanks!

Is this a legit company? Obviously you guys wouldn't steer us in the wrong direction but he question is warranted. 

I concur with this inquiry 

They have a very high seller rating and have been doing this since 2001. They are also sellers through Amazon:

Is there a reason I'm not allowed to say 42nd street photo has a way better price atm? Seriously?

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Is this grey market and does it matter from anyone's experience?

Its not an authorized reseller... Pro Feel has a 5D mkiii with BG-E11($285 new) for $3,299 and its an authorized reseller

I feel like this thread is just a conversation to turn into ads for businesses. Anyone who would rather spend $3000 for the same exact camera and warranty as 42nd street who's price is $2700 enjoys blowing money... =(

42nd Street photo has hundreds of ratings with a 9.17/10 @ resellerratings and 4.7 / 5 -
Based on 1,431 reviews from the past 12 months on Google shopping. I have bought 3 DSLR bodies from them in the past and have dealt with returns once with flawless results (a common hot pixel issue with one of them), you can't go wrong. They've been around for 40 years and they are a US (NY) company.Can you explain why authorized reseller matters -that much- when the warranty is excellent? $300 bucks? o.O!

Frankly anyone who is a professional or has high end gear has camera insurance anyway, I generally always buy from amazon unless a big name company has a deal going on. Where is the logic in choosing to spend $300+ more on the same product (in a "deal" thread no less) unless it's just an advertizement for the company you support/like? =P