Did BH Video Just Leak The New Canon 3D DSLR Specs?

Did BH Video Just Leak The New Canon 3D DSLR Specs?

Because of some lucky searching, someone found a listing for the rumored Canon 3D that was briefly up last night on BHphotovideo's website. Recent rumors point to a full-sized body, and this is pre order listing is consistent with those claims. But could an imminent announcement be in store for us this month?

If true, we could see Canon's mega-megapixel camera very soon since stores like BH and Adorama usually do not design product pages until moments before an announcement.

One thing that's odd, however, is that it was briefly listed as back-ordered. This could be simply the way B&H's placeholders work, however, as they prepare product pages for upcoming release dates. In any case, all of the specifications seem accurate with recent rumors as well. I'm excited. How about you?

Via Nine-volt.com

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'Dat Sensor.

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Looks exactly like the 1DX body. Makes me think of the Film days, where you would have the same body with different types of film. Canon 1DX uses the 18mp Sensor as its fast film, the 3D uses the 46mp Sensor as its expensive High-Definition/Low-Grain Film.
I'm guessing the 3D will probably be more expensive than the 1DX.

Could be a forgery, too. 

Did anyone get to click to see the price?  =)

Hmmm Would like to believe this is true... but... with the mighty power of Photoshop these days... I'm skeptical of everything on the net LOL 

I can't see a use (for my shooting style) of 46Mp but I would love the 1d AF and body.... and of course the many other nice features the 1d series offers.

Curious to see how this turns out... hoax or leak....hmmmmm?


 Totally agree. I would feel better about this if more than one person was able to see this. One guy with a screenshot? It could be faked.

 FAKE!!! manufacturer number 5266B002 is for the PowerShot Elph 510HS.

Canon has confirmed High MP body but has said the naming scheme will not be in line with the current series. It will be completely different and probably ridiculously expensive.

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The Camera manufacturers number comes back as a 5266B002-Powershot Elph 510 HS 12MP, so I'm assuming this is photoshopped? 

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What number is that?  I searched "Canon 3D" and the results were 47 and not 48.  CAE3D and 5255B002 do not return any results

 FAKE!!! manufacturer number 5266B002 is for the PowerShot Elph 510HS.

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It looks like a place-holder for the camera, as Canon probably didn't give them all the specs yet!

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Where have they confirmed this? 


Very sceptical about this. You don't even need Photoshop to fake something like this. Just gotta go into the browser console and change the text content within the HTML and you could easily make a 1DX listing look just like a 3D.

 FAKE!!! manufacturer number 5266B002 is for the PowerShot Elph 510HS.

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Why wouldn't have Canon released it at Photokina?! Seems a bit silly to let the 6D be the main course while this monster becomes a side dish after thought???? Fake.

The rumor is a release for PhotoPlus. So this falls in line with that, since we're close.

hoax.. b&h are on vacation

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This might be the best observation yet

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That's an excellent observation. But still, I wouldn't be surprised if their web guy remotely adds/changes stuff all the time. It doesn't take long at it wouldn't be hard or uncommon, probably. I still think it was a placeholder accidentally made live briefly...

More likely the reason it went up was because no one was there. They have things set on timers for holidays. This was probably wrongly set (if it's real that is) and just not noticed because there was no one there. 

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If there is one thing I DO KNOW, it is that no web guy with BH would pull a prank like that because no harm would be done.  They don't work like that....this is either completely fake or it's being announced very soon

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fake - like said before- the man. no is for another camera

+ it should show on the top the holiday closing message +

it would have much more info next to it