Is the DJI Osmo Action More Than Just an Action Camera?

In this article you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by how versatile the new DJI Osmo Action camera is. You will also discover that it can be used for more than just an action camera.

When the DJI Osmo Action was released my first reaction was, that it has a few features that the GoPro Hero 7 Black does not. My next thought was, I still don’t need an action camera. And maybe you are feeling the same way about the DJI Osmo Action as well. If you don’t shoot action style videos, why would you need an action camera?

Well, after watching the included YouTube video you may also change your mind about what is possible with this, so called action camera. You may also find yourself feeling inspired by the creative possibilities this new camera unlocks for you.

The included video in this article, is eye opening in regards to how important story is to the video footage you capture. Often we see review videos and comparisons between cameras with attractively shot videos but with little regard to an actual story.

If you think about it, when you watch a movie it doesn’t matter if the movie was shot on a one hundred thousand dollar camera rig if the story itself doesn’t hold up. If a movie lacks a good story, expensive camera gear and editing can’t save it.

In this video you will see how an inexpensive camera used creatively with a simple story line can draw in your viewer. It may also make you realize what is possible on a very small film making budget. When I watched the video, I realized how complicated I was making things for myself and how I wasn’t focusing on a story or thinking creatively.

Hopefully this video gives you a new perspective on what you are capable of on a tiny film making budget. Let me know in the comment section below, if this video gave you a few ideas that you think you will incorporate in your own videos.

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Craig Beckta is a portrait and fashion photographer based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Craig currently has over 160 photography and videography tutorials on YouTube.

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Ok people need to stop praising the Osmo Action so much, it has ridiculous flaws that make the GoPro Hero 7 a much superior device.

Did you end up going with another gimbal that had better Sony support?

A good reason why I don't trust YouTube influencers anymore. They'll praise anything with a DJI logo on it

Such as? I own the Osmo and frankly it's unbelievably amazing. So I'm curious as to these "flaws" that make the GoPro "superior"

- The display delay when stabilization is on
- The DR is visibly superior on GoPro
- Colors are superior if you don't film flat
- After sale support is much better than DJI especially if you're an international customer
- Wider view with the option to crop without considerable loss