The DJI Osmo Pocket Versus the GoPro HERO7 Black: Which Is Right for You?

The new DJI Osmo Pocket is tiny, weighing only 4.1 oz, but still packing 4K video at 60 fps. At that point, you have to wonder if you're better off getting a GoPro HERO7 Black and reaping the additional benefits of a rugged action cam. This great video compares the two to help you decide which is best for you.

Coming to you from Kinotika, this great video compares the new DJI Osmo Pocket to the GoPro HERO7 Black. Whereas the Osmo Pocket is a true gimbal, GoPro recently introduced the HyperSmooth feature, which has been generally met with favorable reviews, and depending on your needs, you might prefer one device over the other. Particularly since both are priced nearly the same and both are very conveniently sized to keep on you pretty much whenever, it's worth taking a bit of time to consider what you shoot and what that dictates for you in a device. Personally, I strongly prefer the footage out of the Osmo Pocket, but I also know I can't dunk it in water or strap it to my riding helmet without risking breaking it; it's meant to be more of a traditional filmmaking device. Check out the video above for the full comparison. 

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Spy Black's picture

Yeah, while they overlap to a bit, they're really two different animals, and you either buy both or rent one when needed. Depends on what you'll be doing more of that one or the other will be better suited for.

Deleted Account's picture

Biggest and most glaring issue that jumps out at me. I'm only 2:52 in...

I have a twitch when it comes to getting the sea horizontal. No issue to the Osmo, big issue when not holding the GoPro level.
Interesting to see how close they are in the actual image quality though.

Joe Schmitt's picture

I’m a big fan of using ND filters on my GoPro for that smooth panning feel when the shutter is slowed down. There doesn’t appear to be an option for that on the Osmo. I thought both cameras look horrible in this respect for the Auto settings. I’d consider the Osmo if I could get ND filters.

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Oh, looks like Santa will bring me OSMO, if they are available already. This looks like the best choice for everyday clips

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Meh, I'll take the GoPro because I can slip it in a pocket and take it everywhere - and shoot amazing footage indoors and out in my role as a school web manager. As a stills photographer for 52 years who loves ultrawides I really, really like what I can do with the GoPro while shooting kids playing hoops, kindergarteners walking, working, or playing in groups, etc. The GoPro is just SO inconspicuous and HARDY - sure it's got compromises but it just does the job.