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edelkrone Releases New Motorized Portable Camera Jib

Continuous static shots in videos can get stale pretty fast. Adding clean, smooth motion pans into your video work has gotten even easier with the latest camera jib release from edelkrone. 

Earlier today, edelkrone released their new motorized, app-controlled, portable jib called the JibONE. Similar to other edelkrone products in their motion control exosystem, the JibONE is controlled via their app and also can be hand-controlled. The smart jib easily works with all tripod heads and connects seamlessly with the edelkrone HeadPLUS or HeadONE for more possibilities. You may be used to vertical and horizontal panning, with the JibONE, you can mix both axes at every 22.5 degrees to capture some diagonal footage as well. Pair the smart jib with the edelkrone app, you can easily capture super-smooth, loopable motion great for interview shots and b-roll material. 

The JibONE supports up to 11.5 lbs (5 kg) and offers a max length of 1.64 ft (50 cm), which can all be packed into the edlekrone backpack for portability. Setup can be done in a matter of minutes, as the JibONE features a locking mechanism to make it immobile, so you don't have to disassemble before every trip.

Edelkrone's JibONE is now available and currently set at an introductory price of $999. 

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super steel_'s picture

whats wrong with using a gimbal?

used their compact slider years back. a waste of money.

Jørn Tv's picture

Time lapses, ability to re-create exact moves (for special effects/editing), sliding, weight limitations etc. While there are some overlapping use cases for this and gimbals they are quite different products.