Enjoy A No-Slip Finger Grip With Shutter Button Sticker Called "ProDot"

Enjoy A No-Slip Finger Grip With Shutter Button Sticker Called "ProDot"

Every photograph that is taken with a traditional camera is more than likely going to require you to depress it's shutter button. If you're an action or wildlife shooter, you may have one of those super-fast trigger fingers where you lie in wait for the moment of the perfect shot. This little Kickstarter item might just give your fingers that extra edge for a faster push and better grip on it. Video inside!

From the ProDot Kickstarter page:
Hello Kickstarters! We are thrilled to introduce the Custom SLR ProDot, a textured, press-on dot that easily adheres to the camera shutter button, which instantly makes the shutter more responsive and helps reduce camera shake and finger fatigue when capturing photos. Photographers are constantly in search of more precision and control from their DSLR’s shutter release, and the ProDot’s textured surface and raised button-padding will allow for a more ergonomic feel and an instant improvement to the most critical engagement point of the camera, its shutter button.

The ProDot comes in Black, Red, and Clear. Their Kickstarter page is selling a 3-set for a $15 donation, with expected shipping in December of 2012 if they reach their goal.

As someone who has been in some very hot and humid shoot environments, I've had my finger slip a bit while getting moist from perspiration and moisture in the air, so I could see how this might be useful. Let me what you think of this product in the comments, and if there are other small items that you use on a regular basis that make your life easier as a shooter (a personal favorite of mine is the MicroMuff!) throw up a link or two.

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Interesting. Wonder if these were made by the company that used to make a similar product for IBM Thinkpads. Also, wonder why camera manufacturers haven't already thought of it. 

holy monotone

at least find someone who seems like they believe in the product

Seems like a solution in search of a problem.

Bryan.. I agree. Though Im also open to the plausibility of it.
However.. isnt anyone even slightly put off by the fact that here is the creator of the Cloop ( ring thingy whatchamacallit) who clearly should have banked at least some coin... in need of a few measly grand?
It sorta raised an eyebrow over here. Yep Im sure he spent money to prototype this.. ( about 300-1k  I have my own product in preproduction at the factory now.. So Im not speaking without experience)
But honestly... if hed done a good job with his first products.. which Im sure he has... un less his markup was fractional... then this shouldnt need a "kick" to start it.
Just sayin....

Seshan's picture

I am put off by that. That's one thing that bugs me about kickstarter,
People that have had successful kickstarters and projects and have
created a company (the point of kickstarter) keep coming back to
kickstarter to come out with new products, This is not the first
company to do it. This company has had 3 other successful
kickstarters projects, I think it's time they spend there own money

Also for $5 each is a rip off, (15 min pledge to get 3) I'll go a buy a
pack of clear stick on rubber feet for a couple of dollars for a
dozen and call it a day.

Ahhh well dont go chinzin up your camera.. it may not even have a positive effect.
Like I said. Im most certainly curious and think while it may be plausible that it improves the feel.. It could very well diminish it. Perhaps it will be purely a matter of personal preference though.. Itll be interesting to see.

I have my own product (actually the folks at Fstoppers were pivotal in inspiring me to create it! ) coming out very very soon ( hopefully Christmastime )and we considered Kickin it... and you know, Im glad we didnt .. I had a hard time with asking for cash from people to make it... Almost like saying.. I wanna throw you a birthday party.. but can I have some money for the keg? hahahah!

I do think Kickstarter is amazing though. Its just with my item we couldnt really come up with anything that would be a good enough thank you to package in.. and decided we wanted to do it on our own. I took on a partner.

My product is for tablets. Nothing like it exists. At all... anywhere.
And were excited to share it... and I pray that people see it and say wow.. finally! And not... awwww heck thats just a solution looking for a problem. ( its truly is a solution... I just know how people like to twist things ) Sorry for being so vague!

THIS  red dot though.. I think its sorta a tricky area.. it may raise a lot of skepticism .. yet ie may very well be one of those,  WOW you have to try it to understand it type of things. It may also be one of those things that people buy.. and even though they silently recognize it truly isnt an improvement for anything other than a nice finger massage.. yet they will NEVER admit it.. and will sing its praises like an Apple or Android fanboy hahaha!

Definitely going to be interesting to watch this one.

'My product is for tablets. Nothing like it exists. At all... anywhere.'

There is a reason for that. I can tell you now, it's a waste of time. These products are just drivel. There is nothing you can sell me that I could possibly want to stick to my tablet, unless it's a $100 bill sold for $0.99.

Youre a pretty positive guy huh?
No worries... tell ya what. If we sell less than 400 of them the first week. Ill give you a 100$ if I do sell more than 400.. you give me 100$ and you admit you may not know everything...?

There are hundereds of thousands of idiots that love products that solve problems they don't even have, so I've no doubt you'll sell them. 

Put an Apple logo on it and you might even make yourself a millionaire, I suppose that's all it's about, making money selling shit to people.

The consumer culture is disgusting.

Alex's picture

Given where you are posting let's assume you have a digital SLR camera and a computer to access the internet.  What was that about the consumer culture again?

At no point did I say I wasn't part of it. I dare say it's nigh on impossible not to be part of it. 

That's not to say I'm not sensible about the products I buy.

Gunnar Rathbun's picture

how could this make the shutter more responsive without modding the actual shutter itself? and how could it reduce camera shake? maybe this is what IS systems actually look like haha

It doesn't make the shutter more responsive, it makes the button more responsive. I think you are "reading" into it too much.  ahah

Gunnar Rathbun's picture

well the button was what i meant.. i didn't specify that well enough

Tam Nguyen's picture

I have actually tried something similar to these before. I will tell you this: it'll make your shutter button a LOT more responsive. Kinda like operating an expensive paintball gun; you simply touch a little, and it fires.

I do think it will actually reduce shake by just a tad; you'd need to get used to the responsiveness.

Antofa's picture

Oh dear... I'm sure it'll make my D4 more responsive [shakes head]   It'll make it more responsive maybe 'in your mind'  Another pointless gimmick to waste your money on... I'd rather go down the pub!

I have a 7D, and although I'm sure once it gets worn a bit more things might be different, I can honestly say I hate the shutter button on it. It's ok when I'm "straight on" with a subject, when I'm not I can't stand the distance my finger has to travel to make the action happen. It feels cheap and low quality to me. I will try to track one of these down, I've been wanting to do this for a while and never ran across a "stick on button" so maybe now i'll just get one of these.

OK... but why couldn't you just get some of those little adhesive backed rubber/silicone non slip dots like you might put on the bottom corners of a small bookshelf speaker?

Because it doesn't have the "pro"-prefix. Duh.

I just PRAY that these things fail, they are absolutely ludicrous, a bit like that lense cap holder. Absolute tripe.

Ruben Vasquez's picture

I keep my finger gently pressed on the shutter at all times. A product like this would be a waste of money for me.

Hey Fstoppers... how come you havent yet updated to the newest version of Disqus!!??
Im just curious. Personally I love it.

Roman Kazmierczak's picture

 Newest version allows for anonymous "dislikes" which introduces negativity into the community ;)

It also has some great features.. highlights most popular posts...
being one of them.
You can moderate comments.. but in all actuality... I dont think it should even be a concern. Let the chips fall where they may. Heck look at THIS post haha!  
The trolls will always make themselves shown.. they have nothing better to do. Why limit yourself or try to veil things to only show the good... those with negativity will sort themselves out. If you are going to make content... and I say this as an artist... you MUST be prepared to have people not like it.. and you have to be ok with it. Take the net off.. and let it be.

You guys produce excellent content, I think youll be just fine.
Be the mavericks I know you guys are......

PS Ill have a new product for you guys soon.. AND it was sort of inspired by this site! Its at the manufacturer as I type this.. will be ready by the beginning of the year or sooner! I know John from Geek Beat will be reviewing it.. and a few other awesome people  I absolutely must send you guys one or two of them as you truly did inspire it!


Roman Kazmierczak's picture

 I apologize for misleading post. I don't work with fstoppers. I let my self guess and I didn't clarify that.
Coming back to what you said I agree. We have to be open for critique, but the button "dislike" is just rude. If one disagree with my post I want to hear why...
...and If that is some Annonymous123 with no link to his web or FB I will not even read it;)

Ahhh no worries @rOOmak:disqus ! I actually figured that might be the case.
Never know who yorue talking to on zeee web! Haha!
This old style of Disqus has dislike too.. look at the very top of the comment stream.. you can dislike the page.
Everythign is subject to haters. I dont think they (Fstoppers) are in any danger from some negative comments here and there.. they do too much awesome to have to worry.

What is slightly confusing and I think they should consider changing.. is that they have it set so that anyone without an AVATAR.. gets an Fstoppers logo as an avatar....
Now THAT will mislead people into thinking the poster is an OFFICIAL of Fstoppers.. they should seriously reconsider that! Id change it to anything besides what they have now... it will clear up lots of confusion!

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Fleabay is half full of "soft shutter buttons" labeled Gariz, HorusBennu, or whatever... So what's new?

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I need one for my wife

Merl Box's picture

was there someone point a gun at him to let him smile?

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