The EOS M2 Is Official... but Not in the US or Europe?

The EOS M2 Is Official... but Not in the US or Europe?

UPDATED: Canon representatives have confirmed they have no current plans for an announcement in the United States. Canon Japan and Canon China both outed the anticipated EOS M2, but there hasn't been (and won't be) any such announcement from Canon USA. The EOS M was met with a rather tepid response stateside when it was first announced, and even after firmware updates and a price drop, it hasn't had much traction.

The most noticeable addition is the "Hybrid CMOS AF II" which hopefully offers a better experience out of the gate than the original M did. Get a full rundown of the EOS M from Canon Rumors or the press release from Japan (which you can translate in Google Chrome).

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What do you think? Will we see it in western markets, or will the less than great sales figures have Canon looking to place the interchangeable lens camera only in their Asian markets?

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Who cares?
I don't even know what the advantage of the EOS-M is over the G-series anyways.
Furthermore, Canon can insult the DF-1 all it wants but I haven't seen an exciting product from them that can compete with it or the Fuji X100s.

well then why nikon is the worst performer in the nikkei?
becaus they are unable to sell their stuff.

mirrorless is s small market.
only 20% of the interchangeable cameras are mirrorless... 80% are DSLR cameras.
so canon is producing cameras that are sold. mirrorless is just not a priority.

internet websites give a wrong picture of reality.. they are full with a minority of nerds.
but that´s not the majority of customers.

you may think mirrorless is all the hype when in fact 80% of the sold ILC cameras in 2013 are DSLR cameras.

and that´s why all the companys with their mirrorless stuff have problems making a profit with them.

by the time mirrorless is really as good as DSLR cameras (CAF, VF etc.) half of the companys will be broke.

Times change...sometimes slowly, sometimes very fast but progress is achieved. Remember BETA, CD ROMs..Mini CD ROMs etc??

The DSLR is on the way out as it exists today. Get ready for it.

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This is the camera that Canon should have released in the first place. The original was average on everything except photo quality...which some might argue isn't the best of the mirrorless market. Regardless, I'm sure they will release it here but I don't know anyone who's really looking to purchase it.

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I got the original after the price drop and firmware update and I never leave home without it. I'm a little disappointed that the M2 won't be released here, but understand it because of the terrible initial sales of the M1.
I just think the price point is all wrong for the US
It's the same price as a rebel (or was at release) and has the same internals (as T3i). So people didn't see the point in getting a camera that doesn't focus as fast, or as accurately as their Rebel does.

I like it for it's compact size, and it's image quality (same as Rebels...which I shot with for YEARS before the 5d3 came out), and it gets me out from behind the camera and allows me to be more "off the cuff" with my compositions and what I'm capturing.
It's my "not so serious" camera that is capable of professional results...and I like to think I'm a better photographer because of that freedom.

Fuji is eating Canon alive in the mirrorless segment

Actually, as a person living in Taiwan and traveling sometimes to Japan, maybe I can give some insight as to why:

DSLR and interchangeable lenses are a really big thing here. It's safe to say that most people on a weekend or one-day trip are carrying a DSLR. It's great, because nobody sees you as an idiot if you are taking pictures of food or friends with a big-ass camera since everybody does it. You see older people with full frames on tripods every day basically. Less and less are people taking point and shoots -- it's either your cellphone or an interchangeable lens camera. Anywhere you go sightseeing, you will see a ton of tripods, full-frames on older people, less expensive gear on young ones. Either way, everybody is taking pictures. Most foreigners who come to Taiwan get surprised. I snapped that guy on a spot where I thought I would see nobody, I had to walk a long way along the coast. Retired people's hobby is either photography or golf.

BUT! Asians are big about size, since everybody takes their camera everywhere. They hop on the trend that mirrorless are as good as DSLR's, especially since most people can just put in on their bag.

My girlfriend bought a NEX-5 with two small lenses for this same reason, but on every trip, as soon as we arrive on the spot, she takes my Canon DSLR. She loves the 17-55 f/2.8 lens as much as I do, but that thing gets heavy after walking for one hour.

That said, you don't see so many EOS M's on the street, but prices have been dropping and people are adopting. I actually considered to buy one, as I don't like the NEX so much, but I still feel my DSLR will outperform it in many ways.

My two cents.

If they made a viewfinder for it I might have bought it as a backup. It's so damn cheap these days that it seemed like a no brainer… except it's not really useable.