f/1.2 for Under $200: A Review of the 7artisans 35mm f/1.2 Lens

Bokeh fanatics love their wide-aperture lenses that can turn backgrounds into nothing more than gooey swaths of colors, but they know those capabilities are generally not cheap. So, is there something to be said for a sub-$200 lens with an ultra-wide aperture of f/1.2? This great video takes a look at just such a lens.

Coming to you from Christopher Frost Photography, this excellent video review takes a look at the 7artisans Photoelectric 35mm f/1.2 lens. At $145 (for a wide range of APS-C formats, with an f/1.4 version available for full frame), the 7artisans lens is well past inexpensive and into the realm of remarkably cheap, making it an intriguing option for lots of shooters looking for shallow depth of field or lots of low-light capabilities. As you might be unsurprised to hear, the lens is manual focus, though the assistance features of modern mirrorless cameras certainly make using it a bit easier. The lens comes with features like a multi-layer coating to reduce flares and ghosting and nine rounded diaphragm blades for smooth bokeh. Of course, while it won't win any awards of outstanding sharpness, it is still a very interesting piece of glass. Check out the video above for Frost's full thoughts. 

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The 7 Artisans lens i bought 2 years ago fell apart when removing a filter just days after i purchased it. My Canon FL 55 1.2 on the other hand is over 60 years old. And cost me $75.

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Chinese made junk.

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I've had "fun" with my four lenses...they've got a character all their own. Not intended for the pro-market I'm sure but do serve well to teach one to use manual focus lenses well within a reasonable budget. I have not had any quality issues with mine...fingers crossed! Although, as Otto mentioned, the cost of great vintage glass is even more economical in some cases and should not be overlooked. Once you get one, it's not long before the vintage lens bug bites again...I have 54 of them!