Feiyutech a1000: Still the Best Mirrorless Gimbal You Can Buy

With the sheer number of gimbals on the market today it can be difficult trying to decide which one you should buy. The innovation in gimbals continues and for the most part, manufacturers are trying to produce gimbals that can hold more and more weight. This may not be the best strategy especially considering mirrorless cameras are becoming mainstream. 

With companies like Canon and Nikon joining the fray we can safely assume that mirrorless is the future. One of the advantages of mirrorless cameras Like the Sony a7R III is that for the most part, they are smaller and lighter. This is a great feature for many photographers/videographers and I personally prefer a lighter camera for much of my filming. 

Having a lighter camera but then using a huge gimbal that can hold 4kg doesn't really make sense and for that reason, I much prefer the FeiyuTech a1000. I've had the pleasure of using and owning several gimbals and in my view, the a1000 is by far the best mirrorless gimbal on the market. It's lighter than many of the other options, it's very reasonably priced, has tonnes of features and, the footage looks incredible. 

The camera industry is moving towards mirrorless so having a light and effective gimbal makes far more sense now. Check out the full video to see in detail why I think this is the best mirrorless gimbal you can buy. 

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Alexander Petrenko's picture

Did you try it with 24-70 GM? It seems on the edge in terms of weight...

Usman Dawood's picture

I haven't tried that lens, I'm assuming it will work better at the wider focal length and probably struggle a little at the longer ranges.

Rian Hall's picture

I just went to their website here:

It says the a1000 is no longer in production. Is it being discontinued?

Nick Viton's picture

Aren't all gimbals mirrorless?

Michal Labot's picture

It's actaully not a bad idea. A gimbal with a mirror so that you can see your screen like in selfie mode!!

Michael Breitung's picture

The best feature of the a1000 is the way I can remove the handle. This way it's very compact for travelling. And I can also charge it with my self-phone charger, which makes the travel footprint even smaller.

But I found it's not as smooth as some other gimbals out there. For faster pan movements the motors are quite stuttery. I checked out some other gimbals by Fy-tech at Photokina and they all seem have this stutter. Or maybe I just haven't figured out how to correctly set the motors yet (tried everything)

Usman Dawood's picture

Yeah I had that stuttering problem with my a2000. Do you think it's a consistency issue because the a1000 is significantly better in my use?

Michael Breitung's picture

I don't know. It's only that I noticed the same for even their newer gimbals they showed on their booth at the Photokina. I could imagine that it's something about the correct setting of the motors but nobody at the booth could give some info on this (they were only sales people without deep technical knowledge)