First Image Leaked of the 'Sony a7c': A Budget Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

First Image Leaked of the 'Sony a7c': A Budget Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

It seems like the competition for the mirrorless crown has only just begun. Canon produced the first super affordable, full frame camera, with its EOS RP. Even Panasonic is trying to get in on the entry level side of the industry with its Lumix S5. Sony, seemingly doesn't want to be left out of the fray. 

Coming from Sony Alpha Rumors, a new image has been leaked and it's presumably of an upcoming mirrorless camera from Sony. This camera is thought to be called the a7c and will be a budget full frame camera. This is great news for the industry because competition ultimately serves the consumer. If the price of full frame camera continue with this down trend, I think a lot of photographers are going to be happy. 

The only thing that I'm not too keen on is just how ugly this potentially upcoming camera is. It reminds me of cheap electronic devices from the 90s. I mean I understand that companies need to do what they can to produce an inexpensive option, however, a different color could have helped. 

Nonetheless, if this is true, this is quite obviously good news, especially when you look at the spec sheet. Sure, it doesn't have the best and highest end specs but the IBIS and 4K video features are probably going to make this an extremely popular option. Not to mention the fact that it may have the same sensor as the much loved a7 III

Check out the Sony Alpha Rumors website to see the full rumored specifications. 

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Andrea Re Depaolini's picture

Why is this considered cheaper if the rumor says that it will cost more than the A7III?

Chris Fowler's picture

I've been wondering the same thing. I have yet to see any feature that makes me want to trade up from my a6400 at the rumored pricepoint.

Chris Fowler's picture

The rumored lens it will ship with (28-60mm) completely misses the mark if they are truly trying to attract content creators from the simple vlogger to the more dedicated creator.
On a related tangent, is Sony afraid to go wide? the ZV1 was 24mm at widest and got cropped in further if the stabilization is turned on, now this compact full frame camera which is allegedly aimed at content creators gets a kit lens which is best described as "meh". Does providing a wider lens add that much weight/bulk that they think it will make their cameras less attractive?

Spy Black's picture

Just think, a piece of crap camera made from an ancient parts bin is Sony's exciting new concept...

Carlos Dacosta's picture

Looks like Sony is going downhill fast

Max C's picture

Did you even do research before writing this article? Leaked price is $2099. It's not a budget camera at all. RP is sub $1000

Teemu Paukamainen's picture

A $2000 camera with no front dial? =D

Ian Goss's picture

Ugly? Jesus H. Christ!

Alexander Petrenko's picture

History repeating. I remember when "silver" VCRs were more expensive and generally better than the black ones.

Shiba Barman's picture

Budget?...😂😂 Jokes of the year..