First Picture Taken with the Fuji X100T (Accidentally) Surfaces on Flickr

First Picture Taken with the Fuji X100T (Accidentally) Surfaces on Flickr

David Hobby, AKA the Strobist, appears to have uploaded an image from the yet-to-be-announced Fuji X100T, the next iteration of the vastly successful X100 line of high-end, fixed lens mirrorless cameras.

Fuji Rumors reports that a reader stumbled across this thread on dpreview pointing to a Flickr image uploaded by Hobby with EXIF data showing it was taken with the long-rumored X100T. You can see the 404'd page for yourself here.

Fortunately for us though, nothing gets past Reddit. User neckbeard_avalanche grabbed a screenshot of the EXIF before the image was removed, you can see the image below or check out the original Reddit thread.

​[Via Fuji Rumors]

As pointed out by a couple readers in the comments, the 23mm focal length basically confirms that the X100T will, indeed, have an APS-C sensor like it's predicessors rather than a FF or MF one. Things are looking pretty good for a Photokina 2014 launch as previously predicted.

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Spy Black's picture

I wish Fuji would put out a full frame XT1 style camera already.

With exchangeable lenses or fixed lens like the x100?

Spy Black's picture

"XT1 style" pretty much says it all. ;-)

Ha, thats true. It could also mean a body similar to the xt1 but with a prism viewfinder and fixed lens. A full frame X series camera would require all new lenses, is that what youre looking for? I happen to have owned a x100, xe1 and currently an xpro1 so I am in the same boat, would love a full frame with the same x-trans sensor type.

Noam Galai's picture

AKA The Strobist TM Registered Copyrighted

Tam Nguyen's picture

Best comment of the year!

I'm looking forward to seeing this camera and the advancement of other mirrorless systems. I've always liked Fuji cameras and film and used to sell a ton of the cameras when I worked for Ritz Camera back in the day. It's always been my choice of point and shoot. I can't see myself dropping the money on one though, if the price is anything like the 100s. There are too many annoyances. Maybe when they advance more. The mirrorless cameras are so small and light that I'd prefer one when they get there, maybe in 5 years they will be more respectable as a pro tool if they gain the support they need.

Of course this would get leaked literally one day after I broke down and finally bought a x100s. Sigh, better start saving money again.

David Vaughn's picture

I wish it gave the pixel dimension so I could know how many megapixels it's actually going to be. 16 in the X100S is enough, but 24 MP in the same body with comparable ISO performance would be awesome. lol

Patrick Hall's picture

This is brilliant rouge marketing. Someone like DH doesn't do something like this without it being planned....accidentally uploaded to Flickr....ha no way! Hope the camera is cool

Spy Black's picture

Yeah, this seems to be par for the course these days, so-called accidental leakages.

Dean Gatenby's picture

Fuji X100I? with the OVF & EVF (not a fan of EVF) - with interchangeable lenses and a FF... this would be the best outcome :)

That's some flimsy evidence on all points.