The First Three Filters Every New Landscape Photographer Should Get

Filters for landscape photography can be quite overwhelming. This video can be your guide on what to choose for your first kit.

Fresh from landscape photographer Jay Jallorina, this video simplifies and explains the different kinds of filters that we use for landscape photography. For over a decade, Jay has been in the forefront of inspiring and developing landscape photographers in the Philippines and in Asia. He is a brand ambassador for various photography gear brands locally and a well-respected voice in the landscape photography community. 

In the video, he talks about the function and limitations of the circular polarizer, the neutral density filter, its variants, and the graduated neutral density filter. He also explains how the different materials used in the manufacturing of these filters affect color neutrality and how well they can bring out your intended effect. At the end of the video, he talks about the important attributes of a good filter holder, as well as some of his trusted brands. Building your first filter kit or getting a pre-assembled kit should be a decision guided by the kind of photos you take and what you intend to make out of them. 

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