Five Reasons You Should Carry the Insta 360 One X

DSLR shooters may not think they need a 360-degree camera (they don't), but that doesn't mean there is no reason to get one, and Kai Wong makes the case why this 360 camera is worth your investment. 

Wong is usually known for in-depth, hands-on reviews, but he takes a quick-hit approach to the Insta 360 One X, giving viewers five reasons it's a great camera, rather than breaking it down completely. That probably owes largely to the simplicity of the camera itself, which sports two lenses, two buttons, and not much else. 

It's small, portable and easy to use — all reasons that a DSLR shooter may find it convenient to carry with them. When every ounce in your pack counts, the Insta 360 One X offers some versatility you might not find by packing an extra bulky lens. 

The One X software, utilized in a mobile phone app, allows users to simply record everything and choose what ends up in the composition afterward. The image stability also gives it a drone or gimbal-like quality. 

This camera looks better suited to action sports photography and YouTube vlogging than to something like landscape photography, but Wong makes a solid case for keeping it in your bag no matter what you shoot. 

Do you own an Insta360 One X? Would you use a 360-degree camera? Drop a comment below and let us know what you think. 

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As first assistant i use mine ( Xiaomi Misphere and Yi VR360 ) for scouting outdoor location and sometimes appartment and house. usually the client are happy .