FotoDiox Mirage Trio Novelty USB Multi Device Charging Dock

The Mirage Trio by FotoDiox is a novelty multi device charging dock that can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously. It's design is similar to an A series camera from Sony with lots of intricate details, including removable lens and lens cap.

FotoDiox has combined two of my favorite things with the Mirage Trio. Tech gadgets and photography memorabilia. I'm always buying and finding Photography and Film memorabilia items to place all over my house. I dream of one day having a sweet home office with the walls lined with old cameras and knick knacks all camera themed. Plus they usually make great gifts for photographer friends and well for me. For example I have a cabinet full of Lens Coffee mugs I've gotten as gifts from friends and industry events. I hoard them like real lenses.

The Mirage Trio looks like it would make a great addition to any photographers desk. It's detailed enough to seem like a real camera body plugged into your computer but functional enough to charge several of your devices cleaning up some of the cables and clutter that plagues many a desk. Read I have way to many gadgets on my desk. It comes with a bunch of parts that allow you to customize the base for charging your phone or small tablet. Including a cable for iPhone lightning and Micro USB for android. There is no USB-C cable included but one could be used in place of the provided cables because of its cable swapping design. The fake E mount lens is removable and has a cut out for adding a charger for an Apple watch. Lastly there is a full USB port on the side for charging just about any USB device.

You can get The Mirage Trio Here.

[via CheesyCam]

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