Fotodiox Takes LED to Film/TV Market with new Fresnel Lights

Fotodiox Takes LED to Film/TV Market with new Fresnel Lights

Fotodiox just announced a brand new fresnel-style LED light that is dimmable, focusable and cooler than traditional fresnel tungsten lights. The new lights offer a power of 9,100 – 60,000 Lux/m Luminance, which Fotodiox is saying is about the same as the output of a 1K light, all controlled wirelessly. This adds another high-powered LED to the Fotodiox lineup, the first being the LED100WA.

Called the DY-200 LED Fresnel light, Fotodiox's latest offering is available in 5600 Daylight and 3200 Tungsten color temperatures. The fresnel lights feature accurate flicker-free light, low power draw, simple cool-to-the-touch operation, and remote controlled power and focus. A separate ballast unit and an adjustable yoke mounts on either a floor stand or hangs from a lighting grid for many mounting options.

The fresnels draw a max of 200 watts of power (less if the light is dimmer, of course) and offers the same lumens as a tungsten light many times its size. When fully spotted (that is to say, with the light beam set to its strongest magnification), the DY-200 has about the same output as a traditional 1K fresnel light, which is mighty impressive.

fresnel LED fotodiox

The Fotodiox DY-200 LED Fresnel lights feature on-board controls which offer a full range of light levels, as well as control over the motorized focus to create a wide floodlight or a powerful spotlight. The light’s intensity and focus can be adjusted in one of three ways: ballast control box with an integrated LED display, a wireless remote, or by connecting it to any DMX-compatible lighting control system.

Other important stuff to note:

  • Daylight 5600 ± 300, Color Index Rating > 85
  • Tungsten 3200 ± 200, Color Index Rating > 85
  • 32cm (W) x 35cm (H) x 27cm (D) in size
  • 9,100 – 60,000 Lux/m Luminance
  • Dimmable: 0-100% Power Output
  • Focusable Beam Spread of 12 – 75 degrees
  • Removable collapsible Barndoor with Gel Holder Clips
  • U-Shape Light Stand and Hanging Bracket
  • Included fan is "whisper silent" and flicker free

The DY-200 (daylight) and DY-200w (tungsten) Fresnel lights include power supply ballast with cables, DMX cables, handheld wireless remote control and safety cable wire. The lights are available now for $1,199.95 on the Fotodiox website. That's a steep price considering the low number they're asking for the LED100WA. This is likely due to the compact nature of the light along with the wireless functionality. I would be more apt to be excited about this if, for that price, it gave me a range of color temperatures as well instead of having to pick just one per unit. I do appreciate the focusing abilities of the light though.

The whole kit (including the ballast) isn't light, weighing in at 20 pounds/9.25 kilos. That's a lot to lug around, especially if you need multiples (which you will) and combined with camera and other grip equipment.

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Oliver Oettli's picture

Yes, costs much more then the LED100WA, but it looks so much more solid and professional. And you simply can't beat a fresnel spot when it comes to cineastic light.

Jaron Schneider's picture

Amen. I think the two lights would work quite well together too.

Jayson Carey's picture

Not turning a set into a sauna will make them well worth the price.

Spy Black's picture

Separate ballast is a no-go for me. Make the suckers self-contained.

Looks like it has potential, but I'm a little worried about a CRI of 85 - usually for most pro applications you want something north of 90. The lower CRI might affect skintones and other color issues. Anyone tried one of these out and can confirm or not? I like the external ballast, makes the actual head much lighter so if you're booming you don't need as much counterbalance weight.