FS Recommendation: Go Pro HD Hero

If you have not seen the Go Pro HD Hero camera before, let me introduce it to you. We have bought a few of these this summer for various projects and they are a lot of fun to play with and the footage is absolutely amazing. We will have some new Fstoppers videos coming out soon with Go Pro HD footage but in the meantime you must check out these videos.

Me my Shark and I from Chuck Patterson on Vimeo.

The Go Pro HD camera is essentially a small camera with a fixed fisheye focal length which fits inside a tough water proof casing. The whole thing weighs less than 6 ounces and is easy to mount onto helmets, surfboards, bikes, planes, and just about anything else you can think of mounting it onto. What is really cool about Go Pro is you can capture high def 720 and 1080 video from locations that a normal video camera cannot logistically be mounted. And if you shoot at the 720 resolution, you can film at 60 frames per second which is awesome for slow motion video.

We recommend buying the Go Pro HD Hero Camera for the most amount of flexibility but you can also check out other variations of Go Pro Products Here at BHVideo.com The Hero package comes with a suction cup along with some other mounting adapters while the other packages may only have adhesive mounts.

Anyways, we have had a blast with our units here in Charleston and we always like to promote products we enjoy using. If you are interested in taking your behind the scenes videos to the next level or simply want a relatively inexpensive camera to take HD video, slow motion video, or even timelapse photography, definitely check out the Go Pro Products.

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This camera is really amazing. Who would have thought you could get slomo HD footage in a waterproof housing for less than $300. We are really going to blow your minds with the next video we shoot with these things.

SloMo at half speed is OK, but quarter speed is better, although a lot more expensive to do 8-D

That camera is really fun.

Check out the kitesurf-movie I made attaching the camera directly to the Board and the Kite.


Love their base Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRzhBkZNQFI

I would LOVE to jump with a camera or something like this - but unfortunately here in the UK the minimum requirement is C-license/200 jumps - I'm only A + 37.

Wow! Awesome footage!

These cameras are great and nice piece of footage. I also own this camera and love it but the menus are tough to navigate and quite confusing.

I created a free downloadable pdf of the instructions pdf on my website that you can print, cut out and is small enough to fit inside the waterproof housing at the back and you'll never have to worry about referring to the instructions again.

Go here to download it www.digitalslrshooter.com

wow. can't wait to use one of these. i can imagine this shooting a downhill longboarding.

Perhaps its the excitement of being inside a wave, but I cant believe the quality from a $300 camera!

i want one!

Gwegner - how did you attach the gopro to your kite? I know of the Kitehero (www.kitehero.com) adapter, but it doesn´t seem to be the solution you used. I am planning to use a four lined (2 sqm) kite to do arial shots, looking for mounting ideas.
Great video by the way, great action and nice scenery at the same time, well done.