Fstoppers Undfind One Bag and Waist Shooter Review

Are you in the market for a new camera/laptop bag? Before you buy a common backpack, you may want to check out the One System by Undfind. The One System includes the One Bag (a messenger style bag) that can hold a laptop or tons of camera gear, and the smaller Waist Shooter that can hold a ton of useful camera accessories at your hip. 

This bag design may not be for everyone but if you like this style of bag then you will not be disappointed in the build quality. A messenger style bag like the One Bag will never take the place of a large roller case but it was never meant to. The One System was really made with event photographers in mind and if you are one, you know how helpful it can be having the gear you need within arms reach at all times. If you are a casual shooter who doesn't need to lug around a ton of gear, these bags may work better than a backpack (that requires you to remove it to get to your gear). Everyone has different needs and your shooting style will end up determining if this bag will work for you.

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The video requires a password...

give us the password Lee! :D

sorry about that. All fixed

I worry that the zippers may scratch my lenses when I get them out of the bag.

The other thing that makes me second guess the one bag is that the "lock thingy", for keeping the cover secured on the front (I dont mean the velcro. The thing, wich I dont know how to name in english, that is in the front of the bag), might make to much noise when you walk during the ceremony.

What is your experience, Lee, with both of this issues. (Sorry for lackluster english :C)

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I have been using these not as a main camera bag but as a lighting bag.  I'm often shooting on large plantations or out at the beach and it's nice to have a smaller bag that fits pocket wizards, maybe a softbox, a few SB800s, and some sync cords (cause you know those are always breaking).  I carry too much gear to fit everything into the One Bag but it's perfect for my assistants to carry all the lighting stuff in them.  

I like and use the think tank bags - similar to these but no zipper - scratching would be a concern with zippers.  Assistant carries two (a 3 & two slot bag) i carry one three slot bag.

Hey Guillermo, I am actually one of the bag designers. The inside of each side of the main zipper pocket is piped with soft suede so the zipper will actually never touch your lens. In addition, the bag is designed so that when you want to use the main pocket for quick shooting, you can just invert the zipper on each side so it doesn't get in the way of inserting lenses quickly in and out of the bag. 

Lastly, the bag is silent in use. Neither the cover velcro or the insert velcro makes any sound while being used. The only time it makes noise is when you are removing a cover or taking the insert out (which you wouldn't be doing during a shoot). 

Hope that helps =)

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I gots to get me one of these!  You're right.. the price point is the best part about it .... $200 for the whole thing while I was just considering paying $150 for a flimsy single bag competitor.

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Not to be complaining but... Wouldn't call this a review, it's more of a commercial. They gave you the bags for free, and you don't bring up anything that you want improved, or that didn't work very well. 

Also, both of you don't seem to use it as a camera bag. Either lightning or computer. And the facts you state are just things you've heard from the creators (ipad getting cleaner, large lenses fitting etc.). Doesn't seem like a review, sorry. I wanna see you fit the D4 with a lens attached in there, Lee.

The most you'll fit in is a D800 / 5D 3 with a lens attached; no grip.  It's not meant to be a flagship-tote, the whole point is to lighten the burden on your shoulders by only carrying the few lenses / flashes you need to keep with you at all times while shooting.  If I need to tuck my camera away for an extended period, I don't want that weight on my shoulders, I put the camera in my rolling bag / case.

Just my experience. I tested the One Bag and Waist Shooter last season for the UNDFIND guys and loved 'em.

It does sound like an infomercial.  But then again, I can't think of anything I'd want improved, either!

Totally agree Jens. The problem is that with a relatively simple product like this, it's hard to create a review. How would you "review" a high quality lens cap? All you can do is show the features and explain that it is well made. "If you need a lens cap, you may want to consider this one"

You will never fit large camera in this with a grip but it isn't meant for that. 

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Since I haven't used it, it's hard for me to tell. But bringing up practical things like the materials they've used, how they feel/work. The clip on the front, is it a hassle to get your hand in there and open it in a rush? Would there be a better solutions for this like magnets? How does the bag do when walking around or even running - does it stay close to the body or will it be thrown around? Could the cover get ripped off my accident, since it's only velcro that hold it on?

Just stuff like that really. Sorry for complaining, and thanks for the reply btw. 

Hi Jens, I'm the lead designer of The One System and wanted to help answer your questions here.  To answer your question about the clip, I use the clip when you're moving from room-to-room and don't want to fully zip up your bag.  I typically only zip my bag up when I'm putting my bag into my car or carry a bunch of stuff.  The reason we didn't use magnets for two reasons: (1) Magnets aren't strong enough to allow to have three large lenses in the bag and safely flip the bag upside down.  You can see a demo of us turning a full bag upside down with the quick clip here:  http://kck.st/sGIyck.  (2) There is the concern that magnets effect memory cards and other electronics.  
I've thought including the same Velcro attachments on the back of The Waist Shooter on The One Bag because like you, I hate it when my bag moves around but at the same time during our testing, we noticed some people shoot with their bag on the back and when they need to grab stuff out of the bag, they'll swing it to their side or even to the front.  When you're running, it'll be just like any other messenger bag.  Would love to hear the communities thoughts on implementing a Velcro attachment on the backside of The One Bag similar to the Velcro attachments on The Waist Shooter.  The cover will not come off as it's sandwiched with two 1.25" wide Grade A Velcro strips.  Lee is just a buff guy that's why he was able to rip it off with ease :)Hope that answers your questions.  If there are any suggestions or additional thoughts, I'd love to hear them.  Just comment here, post the question on our FB wall (http://www.facebook.com/undfind) or send me an email (justin@undfind.com)

Great review! I love how versatile the bag is. 

I got a One bag about a month ago. I've really liked it so far. My only wish was that it could double as a backpack as I have to ride my bike for part of my commute. Other than that, I've been really impressed with it. It's super well built and durable.

seems this one is pretty well built and sewed nice (i hope).  I have a shootsac and when you put lenses it hugs it so tight that its hard to pull it out when your in a rush and a months time the divisions inside ripped.  So i had it sewed it back by hand.  Im from the Phil and do ship here? 

This looks like a great bag, but does anybody know if you could fit a macbook pro together with a DSLR with a medium sized lens in there?
If so, I'd be interested in using this as a "bring everyday" kind of bag.

The only thing that is  holding me back from getting this bag is the fact that I don't wear belts. I wear the SAME thing every time I shoot a wedding. Black slacks (no belt loops,elastic waist band very comfortable) and a black shirt. I don't wear jeans or pants with belt loops, so this wouldn't work for me. I LOVE my One Bag from UNDFIND, but sometimes wish I could put stuff on my waist, instead of always hanging on my shoulders. So this bag is probably perfect for men. I would probably just have to change the way I dress in order to use it.... Has anyone else considered how it can be used without wearing a belt?

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I Just got my Undfind Bag.  super Super happy