Fuji Announces Development of X-Pro3 With Unique Features Like Hidden Display

Fuji Announces Development of X-Pro3 With Unique Features Like Hidden Display

Fans of Fujifilm will be pleased to know that the company has announced the development of the X-Pro3, the next in their line of rangefinder-style cameras. The camera will have some very unique features and upgrades; check them out here. 

Fuji's X-Pro line of cameras have been a niche hit among photographers who enjoy their quirky features and design. Fujifilm recently announced development of the X-Pro3, and it seems like quite the interesting camera. The upcoming body will come with a titanium body, making it quite rugged. While that's a great upgrade, the really interesting feature is the rear LCD. The visible rear LCD is rather small and simply shows an icon showing the current film simulation similar to the square slot film photographers used to use. It also displays the currently selected ISO along with the icon. Otherwise, it displays basic camera parameters 

Hidden is a more traditional LCD that faces into the camera when closed, flipping down to a right angle (or to a complete 180-degree angle), making looking at it similar to using a TLR camera. Fuji said this was done to encourage photographers to keep their eyes to the viewfinder instead of constantly checking the back of the camera. 

Along with the new rear LCD comes a new EVF with higher resolution, image quality, and a faster refresh rate. Along with the X-Pro3 will come a new film simulation, "Classic Negative," meant to resemble the look of Fujicolor Superia. Fuji expects to officially announce the camera on October 23. 

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Michael Holst's picture

Very happy that Fuji didn't forget about the Xpro line. The Xpro2 is in my top 3 favorite cameras to shoot with.

Quite happy they are pushing new ideas like that funky LCD. I for one need to upgrade my xt1 so....

Check them out here us not hyperlinked, but we read about all the details on Petapixel anyway.