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Fujifilm X-H1: A Review From Kaiman Wong

Just as excitement over one major camera release starts to die down, another one arrives. Fstoppers just reviewed the brand new Fujifilm X-H1 and, to get a second opinion, check out this review by the inimitably anarchic YouTuber Kaiman Wong.

If Kai makes you nervous when he's waving a Leica around without attaching a strap, you might get a bit twitchy watching him completely soak this camera in some classically British weather. The X-H1 is weather sealed but the XF 10-24mm lens is not.

Kai is certainly a bigger fan of the LCD sub monitor than Fstoppers reviewer Dylan Goldby ("a bewildering addition"), and overall he's impressed, though confused by the lack of zebras and waveform given that the video capabilities are certainly not lacking. For others, such as Fstoppers' own Usman Dawood, Fuji's latest offering is somewhat disappointing.

Sensor aside, whether this is a suitable rival to the Sony a7 III is up for debate, and lens choice is again a key factor given that Sony's offerings are so much more expensive. For anyone already invested in Fuji's ecosystem, this might make for an excellent upgrade, especially for any stills shooters who want to add a decent video offering to their kit.

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