Ten Firmware Updates for the Fujifilm X-T2 and X-Pro2

Ten Firmware Updates for the Fujifilm X-T2 and X-Pro2

Fujifilm will soon release a firmware update for their flagship cameras, the X-T2 and the X-Pro2. The first update is due end of March, and the second one will be released end of May. The update, as stated by them, is reflective of user requests that they have received. What I found interesting, and a first brands that I know of to do so, is the possibility of adding voice notes while paging through your images.

For photographers always on the go, you don't have to keep your journal with you anymore, you can record as you page through your photos. The speed and thinking of the Fuji team is really a benefit of owning one of these cameras. You're not buying a camera, you're buying a photographer lifestyle.

I am not affiliated with the brand, by I'm really considering getting the X-T2. 

Although there are 33 updates in total and all of them are great, I chose the top 10 updates that stand out to me as possible game changers:

1. Shooting Raw in Bracketing and Advanced Filters

When shooting raw, you now have the ability to not only shoot in Aperture Priority mode (AE - Automatic Exposure). You can shoot in other bracketing modes too, like ISO, Dynamic Range, White Balance and Film Simulation modes and Advanced Filter modes.

2. Shoot with ISO 125 and ISO 160

Just like in the film days, you can now choose ISO 125 and ISO 160 to shoot in. These ISO sensitivities were mostly written off by the DSLR brands, but it used to be the films many professional photographers used to shoot with. The Kodak 35mm Professional Portra Color Film stock has incredible colors and a smooth grain that give the images the "other-worldly yet real" look. Ilford FP4 Plus is a black n white ISO 125 stock that gives a silky smooth look and it'll be great if the ISO update to the Fuji cameras can do something similar. 

3. Programmable Long Exposure of up to 15 Minutes

These cameras had the capability of exposing for 30 seconds. With the update it can expose for up to 15 minutes. I've only exposed up to 30 seconds with my Canon 5D Mark III. Light pollution has always been a concern for me. When I shoot star trails or astrophotography, I often comp the long exposed images using an application called Star-Stax. 15 minutes is a long time, but if you know there is not a chance of getting car lights that you didn't plan for you'll get some amazing star trails in-camera.  

4. Faster "Face Detection AF"

For street photographers, fashion photographers, wedding photographers, and sports photographers, faster face detection and focusing is a great added update. It's often difficult to check whether your shot has focus on the eyes or the nose or the mouth, or somewhere completely different. It's most preferable to get focus on the eyes, it's what people look at first in a portrait and it's important to clients when shooting a campaign or editorial. Having this improvement gives you some peace of mind. 

5. Voice Memo Function

This is rather unexpected from a camera brand, but is a great functionality to have. You can record 30-second Voice Memo clips in the playback mode of the camera. So you can talk about what you think will be needed in post, what the meaning is behind the shot - although a great photograph should remind you by itself alone - or just to document what other gear or ND filters you used to get the shot can be a very valuable when getting back to the office. 

For professional photography this is a must and Fujifilm stepped up their game. Your information can now be "baked into" the file on capture and remain part of the file wherever it goes.

7. Display of a Live Histogram During Video Recording (X-T2 only)

You can now be sure to not clip by keeping an eye on the histogram. You can also adjust your settings to kep it constant when you have scenarios like sunsets or sunrises where the light density can change quickly. 

8. Activation of the Eye Sensor in Video Recording (X-T2 only)

You can now shoot video by looking through the viewfinder. This is a great update for me. I often find the viewfinder causes my eye to get distracted wth the surrounding camera body and whatever happens around me. I like seeing only the frame and nothing else. It's similar to shooting photos using the viewfinder rather than the LCD monitor. It's a way for me to "get in there" properly and focus on what I came there to focus on. And, now the sun can't stop you from seeing your shot as you shoot it.

9. Change of ISO Sensitivity During Video Recording (X-T2 only)

If you are moving from a well-lit environment and need to go into a room that's not as lit, you can change the ISO during the shot. It's making it much easier to even out the exposure change and it can be captured in camera instead of having to do it in post.  

The last update of my top 10 will be available late May. 

10. Support for Computer Tethering via Wi-Fi (X-T2 only)

If this is even a little slower than tethering with a USB cable I'd go for it. If I can tether effectively and shoot to card at the same time I think this will be a great update, but let's see how it performs when it's released. 


They often say the mirrorless cameras bring back the joy of photography. I don't think it's bringing it back as I've always enjoyed photography, digitally or with film. What I think is changing the game for cameras in general is being able to see the shot you are capturing with all your settings made, and it doesn't leave you "chimping" to see if you've got it after the fact. With this functionality comes a camera and software developing team that actually listens to their users and tries to implement these changes as quick as possible and as best they can. 

The rest of the updates can be viewed on the Fujifilm site. It's a great update, and it's going to make a lot more inroads in people's thinking about what camera they should get and how the Fujifilm flagship range can be seen as a professional camera that can shoot on many, if not all scenarios where DSLRs used to rule the industry. 

If you're looking to pick up a X-T2 you can do so here and if you want the X-Pro2, do so here.

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Wouter is a portrait and street photographer based in Paris, France. He's originally from Cape Town, South Africa. He does image retouching for clients in the beauty and fashion industry and enjoys how technology makes new ways of photography possible.

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Is this article announcing the actual release of the firmware or announcing the announcement of the firmware? Link to the firmware please

Hello Paul, the first update will be released end of March, which is soon. Apologies for the confusion caused.

That's a pretty decent update.

Listen up Sony...

Listen up Canon!

I think the voice memo thing has long been available in the Canon 1D and Nikon D5 range as well (I don't own either so can't confirm) and were designed so photojournalists could make notes of the situations surrounding an image during fast paced shoots.

Voice memo has been a key feature of pro dslrs for sports and pj shooters for a long time. When shooting a sporting event, you can say the name of the athlete and not have to figure out who they are after the fact.

At what price!
Fujifilm is half the price or less! is it half the camera no way the xt2 is fast oh yeah. I shot the canon 7dii to.Fuji smokes it.Ive shot the Nikon d500 it's good with fast glass. I would say Fuji xt2 is on par with the d500.Fuji with its up dates will make this camera faster. Fuji fast glass coming soon for us bif people.

Fujifilm don't stand still !!!

One of the things I love about the updates from Fuji is that they listen (most of the time). One thing I kept banging about is that AE bracketing was only +-1 stop from exposure. Which meant I couldn't use that functionality. Now you can go +-9 which makes it very usable for me :D