[Gear] Canon EOS-C300 Cinema Camera Available for Pre-Order

The new, much-awaited, and potentially game-changing cinema camera from Canon, the EOS-C300, is now available for pre-order at B&H in either the Canon EF mount or the PL mount. Additionally, check out a great BTS video with Vincent Laforet on his new short, Mobius, shot on the C300.

The new Canon CN-E lenses are also available. A 30-300mm T2.95-3.7 and a 14.5-60mm T2.6 seemed a bit too good to be true, but you can do anything for the right price. See what I mean here (warning, don't fall over with a heart attack).

Update: Here's an awesome, fairly in-depth look at the C300 by BHPhotoVideo.com.

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$40,000+ for a lens? Are they out of their minds? I guess Hollywood studios will pay as much as it takes. Let's just hope that the prime lenses aren't quite as ridiculously priced.

not really ridiculous....arri, panivison, angineux, and red all have crazy expensive PL mount lenses...they're just built to exacting specifications, making L lenses look like toys.

Why would you spend 42k on a lens and put it on a C300?

does seem odd, but i could see some people doing it.  i'll never be able to afford those cine
lenses, but i guess the reasoning for buying a 42k lens to use on a 16k
camera would be that you could use the lens for a lifetime, while you
may need to update your camera in 5 years.  you could also use those
lenses on any PL mount camera, and chances are that if you're the type
of person who can afford that much for a lens, then you're the type of
person who uses different cameras for different jobs.  might not be a
bad investment for someone with the cash flow

It's the same proportionally as putting a Nikon 200-400 f4 on a D700.  I see that all the time.  The numbers just seem a lot more crazy when they get into five figures.

I just choked... omg that price is ... the camera is 16... omg. Great vid though!

I'm a cinematographer first, photographer second and I really don't get the price point on this camera.  The Sony F3 is cheaper and is as good if not arguably a better camera.  The zooms they are selling are insanely priced too.  Most productions would just rent better quality ARRI or Cooke lenses.  If you're an owner/operator of this camera you're better bet is to get some zeiss compact primes or something.  That being said, I think it'd make a great doc camera and definitely viable for other productions.  I just wish it was in the 8-12 grand range.

Canon should have made this camera years ago after the run away success of the 5D in the video world.  Remember when the XL-1 was king?  It boggled my mind how long it took them to make a new relevant video camera.  You'd think they would say, "Hey, people seem to like the way video looks on our still cameras.  Why don't we design one with all the things we already know professional videographers want and need?"  Seriously, it's not like they didn't know how to make a video camera. 

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It only shoots hd, at that price with the lens people can get a red and shoot at 4 or 5k