[Gear] See Inside A "Red Epic" Camera In Remarkable Detail!

Have you ever caught yourself wondering what the inside of your camera looks like? How about the insides of a $35,000 camera? Thanks to the FCC, we can now see the Red Epic's innards in all its glory. I certainly wouldn't have guessed ahead of time that it was mostly RED inside; not the usual green we are all so used to.

Follow the link below to see more photos of the torn down Red Epic.


Via: WirelessGoodness.com

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Shannon Wimberly's picture

it goes against all within me to do this... but the word to use is "piques" your interest... sorry.

Thanks Shannon! It will be our little secret. That's what happens when you post after working all day. haha

Uhhh sorry, I am currently drinking a Double Bastard from Stone.... maybe that is why I can not find the link

Thanks for posting the link. For some reason it wasn't showing up for a while.

Ugo Dufour's picture

Sweet, red PCB