[Gear] Sony XQD Cards and Reader Now Available for Pre-Order

Sony's new XQD cards and compatible card reader are now available for pre-order on Adorama. Pre-order the 32GB card, 16GB card, or the card reader for delivery in February.

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Gota decide if I'm keeping the D4 before I even consider this. It's funny to think that 100% of this products sales are from D4 owners. 

Lee - Any reason why you won't keep the D4? Something up with it or is it just personal preference?

Im in the process of selling off old equipment to buy it.

As a wedding photographer I don't need a 6k sports camera that shoots a million frames per second. I'd much rather have 3 or 4 cheaper identical cameras. Since I can't afford 3, D4s I may end up selling it and buying a few D400s when they come out. I don't think I've ever shot over 3 FPS in my life. 


Yeah I'd be surprised if they sell a lot of these cards since a lot of those using the D4 may not even be writing to anything in camera (for video) and until the D4 is gotten it's legs tested we all already have CF cards..

If SanDisk and Lexar dont jump on this format it will die. If the D4 had dual CF cards or at least a CF/SD combo it would be a lot better of an option.