Get Phase One's Capture One Raw Processing Software For Up To Half Off

Like processing RAW files with the best of the best software? For a limited time, Phase One is offering 50% of their Capture One Express 7 and 20% off of Capture One Pro 7 until June 16, 2013. As I have blogged about before, Phase One has created class-leading RAW image processing and tethering software that I personally use all the time.

Go to Phase One's online store to claim your discountYou can even try the software before you buy for up to 60 days. See below on this post for more information...

Check out these other Fstoppers posts if you want to learn about Capture One Express and Capture One Pro 7.

COE7 vs COP7_highres




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Tobias Solem's picture

Lightroom 5 just released, suddenly big need to buy space to market Capture One.

Douglas Sonders's picture

Possibly, but not in this case. I wrote about this because I believe in Phase One products and just showing my support

Rodolfo Arechiga's picture

Try the free 60 day trial and compare for yourself. You will find it to be superior to lightroom. Convinced me to buying it over lightroom!

David Grover's picture

Its also a time limited offer, so it only applies until June 16th.

If you want to help smooth the transition then check out our Webinar program at the Phase One events page...

More webinars will come in June too, which will be posted on the same page.

David / Phaseone.

Anto de Chav's picture

David,Phase need to add more lens support,the Leica S is still not supported and the nature of the C.A tool means if your lens is not supported you can't do anything to deal with the C.A...

Bruno Inácio's picture

:D You're really wrong! I had processed a lot of 15mm Sigma F3,5 and I was really satisfied with the final results (color rendering), more than with Lightroom 4 that supports that lens and If you saw the distortion correction you'll prefer to switch it off.

Anto de Chav's picture

It's not so much the distortion I am concerned with but the lateral chromatic aberration's that show in high contrast edges,if the lens is not supported there is no way to deal with them,in LR you can use the defringe tool...

Spy Black's picture

There's a $25 app called PTLens that takes care if lenses like this. If it isn't already in the database, simply send the publisher pictures as per their specs and they add it to the program! Download the trial and see for yourself:

David Grover's picture

Hi Anto,

Thats not the case. Even if a lens is not supported, if you choose the Generic correction and check the CA box, then Capture One will analyze the image for that specifc Lens / Camera combination. Also check the 'Purple Fringing' box.

Anto de Chav's picture

Any chance we'll see full support for the Leica S?including tethering ..?C1P7 is a great app,I would like to be able to use it more often..

David Grover's picture

I am glad you like using Capture One! Leica don't provide an SDK (software developer kit) for us to be able to tap into the communication protocols of the S system to offer tethering. However, you can enable the 'Hot Folder' feature of Capture One, and use Leica's tool to shoot. Any new capture will then automatically load into Capture One.

Anto de Chav's picture

BTW,just opened an S raw in C1P.. I can tick the CA box but not the purple fringing box...

David Grover's picture

As the S2 produces a DNG file it is one of the limitations of that format for our lens correction algorithms. Unfortunately.

Bruno Inácio's picture

Sorry, I forgot to say, Capture one doesn't support that Sigma 15mm lens.

Brooks Murfey's picture

I'm so used to using Lightroom that I'm not sure switching to Capture One would be easy enough to make it worth the jump. Can anyone that's switched provide any feedback?

Bruno Inácio's picture

I switched, I saw their introduction videos and I was ready to work! CO 7 is easy, and got an incredible color rendering! Unfortunately there is some problems with their library workflow! But after some hours of work you'll find the issues and everything will be ok!

Dave's picture

Anybody know if its possible to use Capture One as a stand alone editor and not have to use the built in catalog in any way shape or form? as a sports guy importing with Photo Mechanic for its speed, then i just need to edit. Built in cataloging is why I cant stand LR/Aperture etc

Anto de Chav's picture

You can choose between the Catalog or using your own folders.. I use the same folder tree I use in LR5 and avoid the catalog

Antonio Carrasco's picture

Advantage over Lightroom is not doing business with Adobe that sees customers as personal ATMs

Anto de Chav's picture

Excellent for tethering... gets a lot of detail from many raw file's.. more than any other raw converter I have used.. I use this and LR,also there is a sweet iOS app to control it when tethering and a profoto plug-in to control the lighting... it's the pro's converter of choice,and BTW,I'm not a fanboi or rep... I use a Hasselblad..