Gitzo Hops On the Sony Alpha Craze, Releases Tripod and L-Bracket for a9 and Latest a7-Series Cameras

Gitzo Hops On the Sony Alpha Craze, Releases Tripod and L-Bracket for a9 and Latest a7-Series Cameras

This week Gitzo announced two new products for Sony camera owners: a Traveler series tripod kit with a custom-fitted plate for the latest Alpha mirrorless camera models, plus an Arca type L-bracket to take it to the next level.

The new Gitzo GT1545TA Series 1 Traveler follows most of the same design specifications as the previously available GT1545T kit, with a few slight differences. First, the camera plate that comes on the ball head is machined to fit perfectly on third-generation a7 cameras and the a9. It’s also available in a special edition colorway, black and silver. Lastly, it comes with a tripod carrying strap made of genuine leather and “crafted to resemble carbon fiber.” The Traveler tripod kit weighs 3.15 pounds, extends to 64.96 inches, and can hold up to 22 pounds.

Next, the new L-bracket fits Sony a7 III and Sony a9 mirrorless cameras allowing for quick changes of portrait and landscape orientation on an Arca type tripod head. It’s machined from a single block of aluminum and has a gray finish. There are four connection points for straps and has a hex key storage built in.

The Gitzo GT1545TA Series 1 Traveler Kit is priced at $999.99, and the Gitzo L-bracket for Sony a7 III and a9 costs $199.99. Both new products are shipping now.

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Doug Walkey's picture

Surprised by the "Alpha Craze" comment. I doubt the Alpha series has been popular because of style or hype. At that price photographers have to have a fine reason to purchase. And you can't criticize Gitzo for making products for a growing market share, now can you?

What happens when the smaller/lighter/bigger A8/A10 comes out? Ask all those folks who bought add-on lenses tailored for last year's cell phones.

$200 for an L-plate where the knock-off versions cost $5 or less. Just wow. :D

I did buy the knock-offs and then bought RRS for $120 and it was absolutely worth it.

Curious to know what made the additional $100 worth it?

Rob Ludgate's picture

Rather spend £100 and be confident that my £4000 cameras not going to hit the deck than save £95 quid. Presumably you pay more for better R&D, metals and mostly, quality control.

It was said above that the Gitzo one is made of aluminum. The same metal the cheap ones are made of (and yes, it's also made from a single block). Still, really can't argue if money is not a problem.

The fact that it fit my camera exactly as opposed to the generic that twisted off square and was generally annoying. It allowed for cables and straps while the generic could not.

There are ones that are specifically made for the Sony a-series that also allow for cables and straps, and are working perfectly fine. And it's still more than $100 cheaper.