Hands-on Look at the New Samyang AF 85mm F/1.4 FE

For a while now, Samyang has been producing some very popular lenses. Their lenses are known for being excellent when it comes to optical performance without the premium price tag. This is why so many photographers love their lenses. 

For the longest time, Samyang has produced lots of high-quality lenses, and I've been interested in them. The only problem was that many of their lenses have been manual focus only, and this isn't ideal, especially with longer wide aperture lenses. Fortunately, this has changed recently, and Samyang has started to offer more and more autofocus lenses. Their most recent addition is the AF 85mm f/1.4 for Sony FE mount cameras. I had the chance to play about with the lens at The Photography Show in Birmingham, and I have to say I am impressed. The lens I had was a pre-production model, so unfortunately, I wasn't able to put an SD card into the camera to review the images in detail. Even still, my first impressions were definitely positive. The weight of the lens is what really caught me by surprise: it's actually pretty light considering the wider aperture. Compared to my Zeiss Batis 85mm f/1.8, it weighed about the same in the hand, which I think is going to quite beneficial.

Check out the video linked above to see my first impressions. 

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For The Longest Time! :) Thank you for the review, Usman. I know these things take a ton of work.

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Ahh I see hahha

Sorry about that lol