Hasselblad Reveals Plans for Mirrorless Camera in 2013

Hasselblad Reveals Plans for Mirrorless Camera in 2013

Rather playfully, Hasselblad's press release this morning stated "Hasselblad Plans Lunar Launch," which obviously did not make me instantly think "camera." And I don't think any of us would put a real lunar launch out of the realm of possibility for Hasselblad. But the truth is, Hasselblad has revealed plans for a new mirrorless camera called the Lunar that has plans for a 2013 release.

The Lunar, which is set for launch in the first quarter of 2013, will be priced at around 5000 Euros and will be available in a choice of standard models plus a variety of exclusive hand grips and precious materials on special order. Honestly, not a bad pricing area in the least, with competitors like Leica far above that.

Hasselblad will showcase a unique 'Lunar experience' at Photokina. Visitors to the stand (Hall 2.1 Stand A-021/B-020) will see a 'snapshot' of latest work-in-progress designs and wooden models, purpose-built to demonstrate the company's pioneering 'ideal luxury' camera vision. If you're in Cologne this year, you might want to go give it a look!

It is important to note that this camera is being manufactured in cooperation with Sony, who also recently revealed a partnership with Olympus.

Key Lunar features will include:

  • DSLR-like performance thanks to the highest technology APS-C 24.3 MP sensor with 25AF points focusing matched to an Ultra fast Processor with real time image process ing and accurate RAW to JPEG translation.
  • Accurate composition for both still and video in any light conditions thanks to the Ultra-bright 3" high definition display and revolutionary OLED viewfinder that guarantees superior contrast and ultra fast response.
  • One-touch instant full HD video recording to shoot in Auto or fully manual mode. Focus and exposition control plus the connection for an external microphone and the option to use larger A-mount lenses for professional video creation.
  • Instant shutter response (0.02 second release time lag) ten frames per second and an extremely Wide ISO 100 -16000 range.
  • The camera software includes an exceptionally comprehensive set of creative styles, picture effects, scene selections and the smart "intelligent face registration" making the shooting experience even more fun.
  • Auto HD, DRO and Anti-motion blur mode.
  • An Innovative TriNavi system for DSLR-like tuning, two flash options and Anti dust system complete the Lunar state-of-the-art package.

So what do you think? I'm certainly interested.

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I think I would just buy a Sony NEX-7, and save 5 grand!

want to like it but not too fussed.... i think they'll sell, but to existing hasselblad owners 

Seriously attractive and on reputation and quality alone, a real contender

Rich amateurs will buy this. Same sensor as in the new NEX. Sony viewfinder, sony lenses... just some cool hasselblad extras. I think i'll just buy me a used h3d instead for the same price.

They could at least put a full frame sensor like the RX1, also leaf shutter lenses would have been amazing. Maybe a a hybrid focal and leaf shutter system like the Phase One.  

its a Bentley with Camry engine

lol it's an NEX-7 covered in diamonds. :P
nice but i'd rather just get the 7. :D

That leather and wood... ugghhh. I'd pay extra NOT to have that.

What a scam. Emil is right. Rich amateurs will buy it for show and tell at the country club.

It's beautiful, but more than half the price is for appearance. SÓ gorgeous though!

That is one sexy looking camera!

umm wood and leather,, :) HEY how about a "one piece body made from an ivory tusk!" YEAH!!!
How about a nicely priced camera that works well, WITHOUT dumb shit added onto it?

It reminds me a bit of the 'blad [ie, fuji] XPRO rangefinder. I always have wanted to see that in digital format, but an odd-shaped panoramic sensor won't be happening.

It needed to at least be full frame APS sensor to justify that price

Otherwise it's offering little more than it's competitors.

I would be interested only if this camera could natively mount Hasselblad/Zeiss H or V glass. Otherwise, pass.