Here Comes Another Canon Mirrorless Camera

Here Comes Another Canon Mirrorless Camera

It has now been over two years since Canon first released the EOS R5 and EOS R6 and showed the world they were extremely serious about competing in the professional mirrorless camera space. As such, it is about time for that first generation of cameras to move to their next iterations. It looks as if that will happen relatively soon, as specifications for the EOS R6 Mark II have emerged. 

Canon Rumors is reporting that the EOS R6 Mark II is imminent, and it will bring with it the following specs:

  • 24-megapixel sensor
  • In-body image stabilization
  • 4K 60p video with Canon Log 3/HDR PQ and Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • 12 fps continuous bursts using the mechanical shutter
  • Dual SD/SDHC card slots

While these specifications certainly seem a bit pedestrian in terms of how much of a step forward they are from the original EOS R6, I strongly suspect the sensor in the Mark II will be the one from the EOS R3, and that alone would be a big step forward in quality. The EOS R6 strikes a good do-it-all balance, and I'm sure Canon doesn't want to upset that too much and risk cannibalizing sales of cameras like the EOS R5. One key aspect, price, is still missing, but if the company can keep it at or below $2,500, it will probably be a popular camera. Hopefully, we'll hear more soon! 

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I have an R5. A nice feature to add to the R6 (and going forward) would be a visual histogram clipping warning like marching ants or a selective color over problem areas. Right now, it's hard for me to tell whether I'm actually clipping or if it's just the points bunching up safely on either end.

Something else Canon should add to the Mk II version is a better cooling system to help prevent overheating when shooting video. It will be great if it gets the sensor from the R3 and also Clog3.

Not needed, the 'overheating' is a software nerf of the camera to make you buy one which does not have that 'feature' implemented. It was 'fixed' on R5 with the last firmware update, but they didn't fix R6 so they can sell you Mark II instead. Free money from the fools for removing buggy software.


NO WAY... I have been a faithful Canon shooter for over 30 years but because of them preventing us to use 3rd party lenses I'm now going to a competitor and will NEVER return... Shame on you greedy+ shortsighted Canon I'm disgusted!!!

That's what I like to see....people spending a bunch of their money to support the photography industry. And when Canon does allow Sigma and Tamron to make RF lenses, it'll be fun watching people spend even more money coming back to Canon. Ya' gotta' love having choices!

You know this decision will be short lived don't you? Canon will allow third parties to make RF lenses at some point. It's just a matter of when and, of course, money.

Still weirds me out that people are mad that Canon wants them buying Canon stuff🙃

They can make us buy Canon by offering BETTER or CHEAPER product, not BANNING the competition. Free market, hello?

This is exactly why I'm sticking with Canon. User since 2008.
Only great products, excellent customer service and fine lenses.
Please don't come back to Canon, please...

All manual focus only.

"...preventing us to [from] use 3rd party lenses...."

So? They exist.

Only two of the items (might) be new - already have 2 slots, ibis and a 24mb (ish) sensor. Which is great! I don't need to upgrade.

Exactly my thoughts. I don't care about any video improvements but others may. I will pass on this upgrade, if there will be nothing more substantial.

I think all these quick camera upgrades from companies are using the Iphone upgrade model, just not as often. What I don't get is SONY still producing cameras two generations back when new models are introduced.

But... but... they will remove some of the software nerfing they implemented on R6, surely fixing their bugs is worth 2.5K for you, no? :)

Although I'm no longer a Canon user, I'm really happy that Canon keeps improving on a fairly quick basis. I would still be shooting canon now if back in 2015 they showed some interest in tilt screen, evf, etc. I still use Canon Tilt shifts on my Sony cameras

Just the 2 most important features worth $2500 - (1) would it have a 'beep' when shooting electronic shutter so i can hear how many weirdly twisted images i get, and (2) would we be able to finally SAVE SETTINGS, like in the good old days of cheap DSLRs?
Because i can't care less if for $2500 they remove the fake overheating software nerf which they can do any time at no cost with a firmware update. Yea, sarcasm here.
How about some useful firmware FIXES for Mark I, like THE ABOVE, plus for example AUTOISO not jumping from 12800 to 25600 when 16000 would have done the job just fine? Why FORCING us into high and useless ISO instead of 1/3 increments? Ah, i am asking too much i suppose. People using their brains these days comes at a premium.
Unless the sensor is same as on R3 and all fooling bugs get fixed, this camera will become known as R6 MTF, or Milking The Fools Mark II.