How Apple's 'Share Your Gift' Was Made

I like this time of year. I enjoy the smiles, the reds and green, and the lights. I live in Paris, and won't be traveling to South Africa this Christmas, so we'll spend the day with new friends here. What to give as a gift?

If you're reading this, you're most likely a creative person interested to learn as much as possible from others. One thing you do have is some form of talent or skill that you can spend your life doing if you so choose. As creatives, we often take some great photography, we spend time crafting ideas or concepts that at the end of the day never see the light of day in the public's eye and remains hidden away on a hard drive.

What impressed me about Apple's ad is the fact that it's something I myself have struggled with, and I know friends and most people in the creative industries struggle with. They identified what it is to be a creative professional. Whether it's making music, editing a video, writing, or photography, we all have some art that we should share. 

What I also liked is the fact that they used paper to tell the story of sharing gifts. There is no way an iPad Pro can blow out of the window and expose these ideas as gifts, so they were willing to let the selling of a product go to tell the story. This responds well with creatives on a subconscious level. This concept as a whole won't work with an iPad. 

How will you be sharing your gifts? This gift should not only be shared during Christmas, it should be shared every single day of your creative career. 

In this video they show how this video was made:

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Ariel Martini's picture

This video is amazing. If that's why they overprice their stuff, it's allright. Just kidding, apple still sucks.

Michael Kuszla's picture

Awesome behind the scene.
Whether you like or not apple product, the creative studio made an incredibly poetic job. Forget the brand one second. The job is pretty huge, but there is something strong in the way they create manually the city, the shops, the lightning.
Even the BTS seems to be poetic.
Art Direction, Photography Direction, craft and cgi... all kind of jobs are here and sublimated. And.. yeah, there is a consequent budget, but with time ahead your could do the same with the price of a pack of 6.

Forget the brand just enjoy a nice job. And they made a nice job. Period.