How Does The iPhone 5 Camera Compare To A DSLR?

There was once a photographer who said the best camera is the one you have with you. Today that camera is probably the one built into your smart phone. But just how well does that old saying hold up when you compare say an iPhone 5 to a Nikon D3s or Hasselblad H4D? The guys over at Bammo have put all three cameras through the paces and the results might shock you. Find out which camera has the most resolution, dynamic range, and fastest ability to upload to Facebook.

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jose r. ruiz's picture

hahaha nice!!!

Always a pleasure to be a part of fStoppers.  Let me know if you have any questions!

Jason Zeis's picture

First off I wanted to say that I love your videos, they are great!
Your videos have such high production value? Where do you come up with these ideas, these look so proffesional! Do you do this full-time?


Thanks Jason.  :)  I work in photography/filmmaking/production work full-time. At the moment making television commercials and doing other freelance gigs and this show.  It's a pretty full plate.  Sadly only a small portion of my time is fun stuff like this.

The key to the episode ideas is coming up with something that I'm genuinely curious about:  I don't know how the episodes will turn out until I've filmed them.  I was curious  an iPhone would hold-up in a best-case finished product, and if it could fool people into being pro quality, so I built an episode around it.  I think the seed of each episode is having an interesting question to answer.  So of course I'm open to questions y'all have.  A lot of my ideas are coming from questions people pose in the youtube comments.

Hey Keving, great work, really made me laugh and improved my day a bunch :) Thanks. I'm not from the US but I'll ask anyway, if you think that a career in photography / advertising is fulfilling and if you see yourself still doing it in your 50's and 60's. Hope you'll see this question, and have a great day!

Thanks rastarafi; glad you enjoyed it.  I [obviously] love doing creative stuff.  And yes I'll be doing something similar later in life.  It is tough work though, and is mostly NOT hanging out with beautiful people and skateboarders and taking cool pictures.  My days can be brutally hard, and most of them are spent at a computer editing and doing less-fun tasks.  It's a tough and competitive world.

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hahahahhaha this is brilliant

Laughed my frikkin' ass off! I subscribed to their feed!

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Yeah Kevin Good is very funny... here are two other funny videos made by him...

Lear Miller's picture

worth sitting through just to watch the las vegas segment haha

Davis DeLo's picture

Does this guy remind anyone else of Mark Hopus?

I thought the EXACT same thing.

Chris Kansas Känz's picture

Kevin and John are the dudes!! They were both teachers at me school.

Love the vids guys!

Thanks Chris!  :)

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Pretty much the best friggin thing I have seen in like a month.

That was great!! Been awhile since I've laughed that hard at a photography based video! Thanks!!

Best thing I've seen on fstoppers for months. And a robot. 

"...and a robot" Haha brilliant! :D

Feeeeep that was un-feeeep-ing incredible!  Humorous, but packed with plenty of good info for both photogs and non.  A+ work gents!

Hilarious but totally pointless ( like an iphone is ever going to be better than a D3 or H Blad) but hilarious none the less.....

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Great video! Thanks for sharing.

Randy Richards's picture

Hilarious! You guys are pretty awesome. Screw technicalities! DWL


Interesting! Love to see a comparison between a Canon S100 and the Iphone5 - you would have $500 left to buy a regular phone!

Can't remember the last time I laughed that many times at a Hollywood blockbuster, let alone a web vid. Thanks for making my day!

can you make a call with the hasselblad? nop

Siri works just as well on both though.

Hey Congrats!!!! Your page is so helpful!!! greetings from Peru!!!

That was F@*% sweet~ Thanks for the chuckles~ Best time I had all week!

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F'ing brilliant.  Watched it 3 times and posted on my FB.  Bravo dudes.  W. Lawrence Stevens

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