How to Get Cinematic Footage From Your Entry Level Camera

Entry level DSLRs and smaller format cameras don’t do a great job when trying to achieve footage with a cinematic feel, but with these tips, you can add an extra touch to your filmmaking. All of the advice is either incredibly practical in terms of how you shoot, or requires a very low level of investment. If you’re new to shooting video, be sure to check out this list.

When it comes to creating a cinematic feel, film director Mark Bone is in a good position to comment given that his film, Beauty In the Battle, was shot entirely on a Nikon D850 and was nominated for a Best Cinematography award, competing against films shot on much more expensive systems. And if you’re complaining that the D850 used by Bone or the Sony a7 III shown in the video aren’t exactly “cheap,” keep in mind two things: firstly, all of these tips can be applied to a second hand, entry-level DSLR; and secondly, “cheap” is a comparative term when you consider that the cheapest ARRI ALEXA — a kit that will make selfies and cat videos look like Hollywood — will set you back almost $40k.

If this list isn’t enough, you might also want to check out these five hacks — including aspect ratio, frame rates and grain — for getting cinematic style on a budget. If you have any extra tips, be sure to leave them in the comments below.

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