Zhiyun Is Releasing the Accessory Filled Crane 2s Pro Camera Stabilizer Package

Zhiyun Is Releasing the Accessory Filled Crane 2s Pro Camera Stabilizer Package

Only a couple months ago Zhiyun announced their latest camera stabilizer Crane 2S. Now, Zhiyun has added a pack of additional accessories to give you more tools to create professional looking videos.

When Crane 2S was announced, the company emphasized where this stabilizer will shine in, namely, capacity for greater load and size, more extensive filming flexibility, a completely new axis lock system, and also an option to switch to vertical shooting among other improvements over the previous generation camera stabilizers. The design of this gimbal has been based on the slightly older model Crane 2.

If you want to take your filmmaking skills further, the newly announced Crane 2S Pro will contain the same Crane 2S gimbal but with an addition of several accessories. These include one of each:

  • Sling Grip Handle
  • TransMount Crane 2S DualCam Extension Module
  • TransMount Image Transmission Transmitter 2.0
  • TransMount Phone Holder with Crown Gear
  • TransMount Focus/Zoom Control Motor 2.0

This accessory bundle will be of interest to those who need more versatility and want to make the most of this camera stabilizer. For example, the DualCam Extension Module, in the image below, will allow you to shoot both close-up and wide-angle using two cameras at the same time. Similarly, the Phone Holder with Crown Gear will let you attach your phone securely to the gimbal as you shoot to assist you in using the gimbal in conjunction with using your smartphone. 

You can still purchase Crane 2S on its own if you rather or go for the Crane 2S Pro option which will contain the gimbal and all the accessories listed above. The price of Crane 2S Pro is $849 or $599 if purchased as Crane 2S gimbal only.

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