How to Update Your Canon R6 Camera to The Latest Firmware Update

This tutorial is going to show you how to upgrade your Canon EOS R6 firmware with minimal fuss and easy instructions.

Since the Canon EOS R6 Mark II was launched, the opportunity to keep your Canon EOS R6 camera up to date is even more important. Canon lists the version 1.8.0 firmware update as fixing the following issues:

  • It is now possible to crop and resize images during image transfer to an FTP server.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

It doesn't list what the minor bugs are, though, so I'm not taking any chances, and I'm going to be doing the firmware upgrade myself. I have my batteries fully charged, and I've downloaded the official software from their UK website here. I've completed firmware upgrades similar to this a number of times with my previous cameras, the Canon 5D Mark IV and the Canon 5D Mark III.

The upgrade is a little tricky if you've never done this before and it's worth checking the firmware on any RF lenses you have at the same time. You can find this information in the R6 menu, but I managed mine with no issues at all. I can't say if it's working any better, as I didn't really have any issues prior to this update, but I will keep everyone in the loop if I find anything. Thanks for reading this. Please like and subscribe to my channel and I'll continue making content like this.

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And now Canon has withdrawn the update. Too many problems in the field.

hopefully we can update this article with version 1.8.1