Huge Canon Announcements Are Coming This Summer

Huge Canon Announcements Are Coming This Summer

It is a good time to be a fan of Canon. The company will be making some major announcements in the coming month or two that should excite a wide range of photographers and videographers.

The EOS R5 is already one of the most anticipated cameras of all time, bringing with it 8K internal video along with features like 20 fps continuous shooting — a body to match the company's highly lauded line of RF mirrorless lenses. Canon Rumors is reporting that the company will be making some huge announcements this summer, which will most likely be both the EOS R5 and the accompanying R6. Along with the cameras will also come a range of new RF lenses. As of right now, the company has mostly filled out standard zoom lenses and the most popular primes. So, I personally expect to see perhaps a supertelephoto prime or two (particularly since the Olympics were originally going to be this summer) and probably some wide angle primes. We may also see a lens like a 135mm f/1.8L or something similar. What is even more exciting is that availability of some items could begin as soon as early July. No matter what we end up seeing, it is certainly a fun time to be a Canon fan. 

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David Love's picture

CLICK BAIT. The next time I want to see anything about the new Canon stuff is when it's actually announced, not a new is coming. We know news is coming.

Here's an exclusive for you. "Coming in the next 50 years, lots of camera and video stuff! Subscribe now for updates as we read them off the web and then copy and paste here."

Patrick Meulnet's picture

click bait? so what! everything is in the title, nobody is forcing you to click.

Paul Clark's picture

Agree. So tired of hearing about "Coming" Show me the baby and stop talking about the labor pains.

Jeroen F's picture

Hype train not working for me.
First let me see the price tag.

Jeroen F's picture

Nope, just a wish of the writer.

Stig Nygaard's picture

Yes, the fstoppers article posted a couple of days ago was a wish/opinion of the writer. I'm talking about the canonrumors news I'm linking to (Which is a rumor that arrived today long after - and completely independent of - the fstoppers article). The CR3-rated rumors on CR are usually very reliable, based on trusted sources. That's also where and how the (so far proven correct and precise) R5 rumors started long before Canon's development announcement.

Duncan Leadbitter's picture

Hey, here's a story. Its all been a big mirage. Canon isn't releasing anything............

super steel_'s picture

cool let me start saving my pennies. 1, 2, 3, 4,...I have 12 cents. maybe by late summer I can buy some italian ices. eh, sales will be abysmal.


I have a feeling no one is releasing it because it plays a HARD psychological role telling buyers not to buy now because its bad. march showed up and it was brutal. and it was part into lockdown. no reopening up is a slow process to get money. many have no jobs to goto back to. so money.

Iosif Kallai's picture

So what is it? Let me guess. Canon will make a new camera in the future that will be the best Canon camera ever than they will make some new lenses after that they will anounce new cameras again than some new lenses than they will anounce a new flash maybe some new printers than they will start again.

dean wilson's picture

Wait, what?!?! I thought Canon did that 2 years ago?

Iosif Kallai's picture

They did it already ?

Mike Robinson's picture

First I've heard of the EOS R5.

Guy Butterworth's picture

Yer bankruptcy !!!