An Interesting Look at the Evolution of a Camera Stabilizer to a Military Weapon

Examining the evolution of just about any tool or technique in cinema can be pretty neat. Seeing the variety of ways creativity and technology can come together over time seems to just add more enjoyment to some of our favorite films. 

Camera stabilizers have become extremely popular with the rise of DSLRs and now with the miniaturization of motor-driven gimbals. But since its creation, no matter what form stabilizers have taken, they've given filmmakers the ability to push the boundaries of motion and creativity. Now, they might be taking a leap from actual science fiction to military combat. 

Generation Films takes a look at how the camera stabilizer has evolved from its original inception to a sci-fi prop and possible early exoskeleton and even future-based combat weapon. The real question is: did the person who pitched it to the military see a combat news crew use one or just see the movie "Aliens"?

It's hard to imagine the military actually using this in any real situations, even though I know that weight and growing combat technology has become an issue for soldiers. But anyone who has ever used a Stedicam or Glidecam knows it doesn't actually help in reducing the strain on your legs, especially your knees. However, it does sound interesting if it can be used to reduce the recoil of larger caliber guns. 

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They already are. Most new guns are designed with light weight composite materials.