The Kashmir Aims To Be The First Technical Camera Backpack Specifically For Female Photographers

The Kashmir Aims To Be The First Technical Camera Backpack Specifically For Female Photographers

As someone who has owned countless backpacks, both for photography and for trekking, I can tell you that fit and comfort are second to none when deciding what pack to purchase. My partner sometimes struggles when selecting a pack, as her options can sometimes be limited depending on the brand. F-Stop Gear has taken notice of this very thing, and is testing the market with a Kickstarter fundraiser to create a camera backpack that is built for the body type of women.

The Kashmir UL pack looks like it will be female version of the Loka UL, with a matching black and sky blue style, built on a lightweight frame. It can hold a micro, small shallow, or medium shallow ICU, and has the usual compliment of side straps, pockets, and an internal water reservoir holder.


Rather than dumping a bunch of money into producing a product that may or may not have a large market, it seems that F-Stop Gear hopes to use the Kickstarter reward system to intice buyers and justify the cost of producing the bags. To that end, early purchasers can snag a Kashmir for only $140, which is a not a bad deal compared to the higher cost of their other comparable packs. Below is their Kickstarter video, which is a testimonial from adventure photographer Krystle Wright.



Here's a rundown of the pack specs:

Capacity: 30-Liters
Pack Weight: 1.1kgs or 2.4lbs
Material: DWR-treated, 210D Ripstop Nylon with PU2 coating
Build: Female specific s-shoulder straps, Ultra Lite EVA-padded hip belt

And here are some images that show off the features.

To learn more, check out the Kickstarter page for the F-Stop Gear Kashmir UL. Feel free to leave a comment with what you think about a company using Kickstarter as a way to test the market for a new product. I personally think it's a smart approach for a business to offer a product without having to commit and potentially lose money on a product if no one buys it.


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