Kodak Discontinues T-Max P3200 Film

Kodak Discontinues T-Max P3200 Film

This is for all you film fanatics out there. Grab yours as its still in stock! Kodak announced that it is discontinuing the Professional T-MAX P3200 film due to "low sales volume". In the past few months Kodak stopped producing digital cameras, sold its sensor business, increased the price of film by 15%, and discontinued three slide films in an effort to reorganize its business.

"Due to low sales volume, Kodak is ending production of KODAK PROFESSIONAL T-MAX P3200 Film (TMZ). The demand for ultra-high speed B&W film has declined significantly, and it is no longer practical to coat such a small volume of product.

The suggested replacement is KODAK PROFESSIONAL T-MAX 400 Film (TMY-2). The latitude of TMY-2 allows it to handle one stop of underexposure (EI 800) without being pushed. In low light situations, TMY-2 delivers very good results when exposed at EI 1600 with increased development time.

Even though P3200 is approx 2 stops faster than TMY-2 at comparable contrast levels, that extra speed comes with a very significant grain penalty. In fact, for most applications TMY-2 is actually the better film choice. The exception would be extremely low light situations where P3200 might be able to pull out some shadow detail that would otherwise be lost with TMY-2."

Make sure you head over to Adorama and B&H as they currently have the T-MAX P3200 in stock.

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They've stopped making printers too, so what is left?

 An overpaid CEO that ruined a iconic company.

P3200 was really an ISO 1000 film but could be pushed to 3200. Tri-X at 1600 is better in 35mm format. 

Define "better"

One of two films I use with my Natura Classica.  Hope Ilford is doing well...  :(

Sad indeed.  I used this film to capture many of my Ireland works.

So many fun nights with Kodak TMax P3200. May the negatives live forever in the vaults while Ilford Delta 3200 is alive in the streets...