The Latest Addition to Phottix's Line is the Multi Boom Flash Bracket

The Latest Addition to Phottix's Line is the Multi Boom Flash Bracket

Phottix has released a new product designed to fix one continual issue for photographers that love shooting with umbrella modifiers: though they are easy to transport and use and fast to set up, because of the inherent design they are almost impossible to tilt on a traditional light stand. To rectify this issue, Phottix made Multi Boom Flash Bracket.



The Multi Boom mounts in a standard umbrella swivel, holds two flashes on axis with the umbrella shaft, and allows the softbox to be tilted. All this problem solving for a cool $70. Not too shabby.

Multi Boom Features:

  • Mount one or more flashes with the heads centered inside umbrellas or Phottix Easy-Up Umbrella Softboxes, or umbrella-style softboxes from other manufacturers for more even light output.
  • Places the umbrella swivel outside umbrella-style softbox, allowing much greater tilt angles and fast easy access to the swivel handle.
  • Mount in an umbrella swivel, or in a grip head for tilt and swivel movement.
  • Allows full 180 degree tilt with Phottix Easy-Up Umbrella Softboxes, up to 90 cm (of 36") in height or diameter.




At this rate, pretty soon Phottix is going to have a product for just about any lighting situation. For more information on the Multi Boom, check out the product page at

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Sweet setup. I'd love to try the durability of their Apollo style soft box. The Westcott Apollo Orb creates a beautiful quality light but the hollow aluminum parts made the modifier weak and easily bendable.

Don't stress on durability. Their all made in China.

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I like the idea of the handle/counter weight for gripping.

Or you do this and save yourself $70.

Yah but then you can not quickly tilt up, or position your flash at the optimal position, or have 2-4 flashes mounted in there along with radio triggers and so on. It is more than just an extension arm to allow for tilt. I got to review the product and I have not been this impressed in an while with an bracket.

Genius! :)

the biggest con of this phottix is the middle bar that is way too fragile.. i cant slide it all to close the umbrella due to multiple fractures

Are you talking about the brand new multi boom because I got an test unit and it is solid as an rock...

This is something that is very useful for a user of the umbrella yip softboxes because with a standard bracket you are very limited (in the case that you don't make some DIY beacket)

I any one is interested I got an pre release test unit and did an written review along with an video review. It is an very good product and extremely solid. It feels as solid as any manfrotto product I have. I know that might be an exaggeration but it is extremely solid so I dont know another way to describe it. . It was designed by Elvis Pahr who is an well known strobist person, and he designed it so it is very sturdy. phottix just mass produced it from his design. You can read my full review and video here

Got a 60x90cm like that and was wondering about this issue already with a DIY in my mind. Hihi, this design helps my DIY design. Thx 4 sharing :)

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This looks like a good solution for using speed lights, however I now use an Einstein in my 60" Apollo and I wonder if it will fit. Maybe if you remove the little thumb bolt at the top, the Einstein might fit on it.

Well fixed my video review of the multi boom I first posted. Sound is fixed and end is shortened.