Leaked Pictures of the Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Emerge

Leaked Pictures of the Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Emerge

Excitement is building, as Nikon has released a teaser of their upcoming full frame mirrorless camera. Internet sleuths flocked to Nikon's website, and in the process, they found some images of the upcoming camera.

It appears the images were all part of the event's site, though they were unpublished. A few savvy Internet users seem to have found their direct URLs and submitted them to Nikon Rumors, and as such, we now have some extra images of the upcoming camera. Check them out below (note that there are three images in the second post).

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I find the knob next to the viewfinder a bit intriguing. It's in the diopter position, but seems way too prominent for a function that most users adjust once if ever in the lifetime of a camera. And while I'm admittedly grasping at straws a bit, it does appear that the lens is a zoom of some sort, which could mean it's a kit zoom lens to go along with the new camera, likely a new 24-70mm f/4. The mount does look quite large in proportion to the body, which in turn could indicate the camera itself is rather small for a full-frame piece of gear. Feel free to add your own speculations! 

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Emmanuel THIERY's picture

The knob next to the viewfinder coulb be the metering mode selector as on the monobloc full frame bodies.

i noticed prices on the Sony A7-r3 dropping. the new nikons are going to be sony killers and as i understand all G and E lenses will work with their adapter. if they work 100% and are as good on the new system as on the DSLR nikon just pulled of a major trick. a new camera system with full lens line up. including the 400-500-600-800mm lenses. cant wait for more news.

Who knew Nikon actually had marketing people.

Pierre T. Lambert's picture

Hey Alex! Ohhhhh things are going to get exciting veryyyy soon!!! :) Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous's picture

Why on earth the manufacturers stick with SLR design on mirrorless cameras ???
Just few Leica's and Fuji's maintain true mirrorless design....

Ben Bezuidenhout's picture

I just hope that the lenses will fit without additional adapters.

YoGi G's picture

Nope, they won't. The F-mount was already small and preventing Nikon for developing faster glasses due to smaller throat size on the lenses. The change in mount size is welcome, because now Nikon can develop faster lenses, as well as simplify optical design for smaller, lightweight lenses, especially on wider end thanks to wider diameter and lower flange distance.