Leica Announces New Leica M-P 240 with Increased Buffer and Understated Aesthetics

Leica Announces New Leica M-P 240 with Increased Buffer and Understated Aesthetics

Today Leica announced a complementary upgrade to the Leica M, the M-P 240. As in the past, the 'P' designation here implies features are catered toward that of the press photographer. The M-P's virtually scratch-proof sapphire crystal display with anti-glare coatings provide for better outdoor viewing, a doubled memory buffer size now at 2GB allows for longer continuous shooting, and a viewfinder selector displays bright framing options for various focal lengths that help make composition and lens-choice decisions before changing lenses.

Marketed as a complement to the original Leica M 240, which will remain in production, the M-P also features understated aesthetics with the addition of Leica's signature engraving on the top plate in place of the iconic red dot on the front of the camera, enabling photographs to remain more subtle than previously possible.

There is currently no indication that the standard Leica M 240 24MP CMOS sensor has been reworked in any way for the M-P, so expect the internals to stay largely the same, from the 6400ISO capability to the 1800mAh battery.

The Leica M-P 240 is available for pre-order today for $7,950 with expected availability pegged at August 27th. See more at Leica.com.

Leica's sapphire crystal display is highly impact- and scratch-resistant, making for a more robust field camera.

The Leica M-P's controls remain traditionally simple and easy-to-operate.

Anti-glare coatings on both sides of the sapphire crystal display provide better viewing in sunlight.

A memory buffer of 2GB (up from 1GB in the M 240) allows for 24 consecutive shots at three frames per second.

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Anonymous's picture

So prolific, they have launched about ten nearly exact models in eight years.
The "M" serves either for system, monochrom, movie and so on.
The "P" is for the depressed photographer hesitating if changing his/her M-E for a M-P typ 240, or not

Ralph Berrett's picture

I have been looking at Leica as an addition to my DSLR cameras. This camera looks like it is cleaner, better built and simpler to use than the FUJIFILM X100S.

Just a cool 9k$ price between the two as well ;) .

Ralph Berrett's picture

I am thinking for work, my next DSLR is the D4s which the Leica is more. If you think this is bad look at video thats far worse. ;)

Absolutely. I worked for a year with a 100k+ slow motion camera as a researcher. It was quite the awkward moment when we had to clean the sensor.

Back on topic, I can see the validity of a Leica for some people in certain situations. I just find it amusing how the x100s is a decent alternative and costs 10 times less. But I absolutely get your perspective. As a working professional you need the tool that'll get the job done. The price of that is just the price of doing business.

Anonymous's picture

I have both an X100s and the 240 M..........the X100s is a toy compared to the M. No comparison actually. I know people like to bash Leica for the price tag, but I have never owned a better camera than the M

I have an X100S, and took comparison shots with this very same Leica camera in the store. Made prints. There is no visible difference in image quality. Leica is a niche brand for prosumers who want name recognition. It's not a better camera.

Ralph Berrett's picture

I like it is metal simple to use and built solid, I tend to shoot mainly manually. I am some what hard on gear. https://flic.kr/p/4EEhEe
I tend to view cameras as tools.

Spy Black's picture

A sucker born every minute...

Because press photographers can afford an $8,000 camera? Seems like a lot to pay for "signature engraving" and a red dot logo.

Riley Johnson's picture

Groundbreaking! 24mp, 3fps, 6400 ISO! All this with 1080p video recording! Available in classic finish with "THE LEICA DOT"!

Only $7950 for the body only! Just ignore that the 50mm 1.4 lens is manual focus, and costs around $4000 dollars more one top of the almost $8000 dollars.

So D4s anyone with 2/3 of the Trinity? What about a D810 with 3/3 of the trinity and extras? Canon fan you say? Get your 5D MIII for that with a bunch of lenses as well...

All for the red dot.

Do you have experience with a full sized DSLR (D4/1D) and some 2.8 glass? The trinity that you refer to is an unquestionably fantastic set of glass and paired with a D4/D3x can accomplish probably anything you could want - at the price of being a massive set of kit. Some photographers - or photographic subjects - don't need 14-200mm @ f/2.8 and a backpack full of gear. The 70-200/2.8 is hardly a subtle lens on any camera!

Sometimes having exactly what you want and nothing more, nothing less is worth that kind of cash. Sometimes you don't want to look like Mr Cameraman with 20lbs of 2.8 glass.

Riley Johnson's picture

More what I was trying to get across was that was what you could get with that kind of money. By all means carry around what you please but the idea behind the criticism was that compared to these items, the Leica falls short. So anything costing less than these is also included. Micro 4/3's systems, APS-C systems, as well as Full Frame systems could achieve what the Leica is doing for all intents and purposes we could send someone with a Nikon DF (very old school looking too, if that is what we are really after) and a 50 mm F/1.4 and get close to if not the same results than if we sent them with the M-P 240 and a Leica 50.

I just don't think this device is worth anywhere near what they are trying to get for it. That's all I was trying to say.

Matthew Taggart's picture

Well... It is a good looking camera anyways...

Anonymous's picture

They're living in the old times.
Press photographers, if that already exist, can do the work with a tenth expense.
T system is a slippery thing that didn't fullfil their expectations, it seems.
They are so overpriced because they spend fortunes everywhere to praise themselves.

Joel Meaders's picture

This one isn't quite expensive enough. Do they have it in gold plating? Also, can that ugly screw above the lens be replaced with a diamond?

La Vida Leica's picture

Be sure to check out the new M-S as well as some limited editions!


gabe s's picture

Don't worry about the understated aesthetics, the pretentious person holding the camera makes up for it.

Heinz Lepahe's picture

There is some serious envy in the comments. Leica has its place in the market, as does its competitors. From my observations there are many people happy to pay the money for the M. And they seem to have a devoted following. And if all that encourages those people to shoot and exercise their creativity then that's all the matters. And I will back Leica glass any day, even over the Nikon trinity. And I have both ie the Nikon trinity mated to a D4 and an 810, as well as an M and three examples of Leica glass. There is nothing that comes close to the Leica glass. But yes, you will pay plenty for it.