Leica M10-P Announced With New, 'Virtually Silent' Shutter

Leica M10-P Announced With New, 'Virtually Silent' Shutter

The Leica M10 is the company's flagship full-frame rangefinder, and today it gets an upgrade with P-model styling and a new shutter that Leica says makes the M10-P the quietest analog camera it has ever made.

The Leica M10-P features the same 24-megapixel, full-frame sensor, ISO range of 100–50,000, and nearly all of the other performance specifications of the original M10. While some changes are cosmetic, such as the removal of the famous red dot logo and M-P-style lettering on the top plate, there are also, however, a few internal changes to the new P model.

Aside from the new, nearly silent shutter, the M10-P features new touchscreen controls that allow for swiping and pinch-to-zoom functions. Additionally, an internal level eases in keeping compositions even with the horizon.

The M10-P is available for pre-order now in a single 0.73x-magnification viewfinder configuration in both black and chrome for $7,995 (a $700 premium over the less discreet M10). B&H lists the camera as shipping soon, but Leica has announced it has already started shipping in the U.S., so it should go out quite soon pending any backlog issues.

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Beautiful looking camera.....Rich mans toy??

Yes. So aspire to be a rich photographer so one day you too can enjoy the luxuries of the industry.

Have you ever used a Leica ? It sure is overpriced, but the user experience is awesome : it's predictable, minimalist, not overcluttered with options and menus. It's a joy to use. Today's DSLRs feel like aircraft cockpits, Leica feel like cameras.

i bet this one is cool cam but its look like entry level fuji

Or is an entry-level Fuji trying to look like IT.....???? Hmmmmmmmm....... ;-)

Whoops, there it is.

Adam Ottke pedant alert: It's less discreet.


Haha. Don't be sorry. That's what I get for typing too fast. Thanks!