Lexar Makes Return to Flash Storage Market

Lexar Makes Return to Flash Storage Market

The financial crisis hit everyone hard, and one of our favorite brands, Lexar, announced they were going to discontinue the brand in June 2017. A few months later, Longsys acquired the Lexar trademark and branding rights, but we hadn't heard anything until now. 

Longsys announced that Lexar will be back in full production by this fall. Longsys describes itself as "a Chinese DMS company (Design, Module, Service) which focuses on NAND flash applications for software and hardware products." Lexar’s product range is mainly geared toward professional photographers and videographers and includes a line of memory cards, solid-state drives, and USB drives. 

CEO of Lexar Huabo Cai released a statement reintroducing Lexar to their customers and reinforced the fact that Lexar has been a renowned brand for both business and personal users. Lexar also says high performance and reliability continue to be the backbone and mission of the brand, while also developing their product line even further. 

This is the first news we’ve seen from the brand under the new parent company, and while they didn't specify what's to come exactly, we’re curious to see what products they may have in development. What would you like to see added to the Lexar line? 

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Johnny Rico's picture

As far as I understood it, they purchased the Lexar brand. These won't be Lexar anymore than Impossible Project "Poloroid Originals" is original.

Mark James's picture

It will take a few years of solid reviews for me to buy one.

Motti Bembaron's picture

They really shouldn't, they should stay out of the card business. Bought 2 Lexar three years ago when purchasing the D750 one stopped working less than a year later. Bought two more a little more than a year ago, one stopped working.

50% failure is a bit high for me :-)

David Pavlich's picture

Lexar is all I have now and have had one failure in the past....but it was a Sandisk. ;-)

Unfortunately, they aren't to be trusted right now, still. I'm still waiting on 2 SD cards to be RMA replaced. Its been 4 months...

Oleh Brevus's picture

I have a Lexar CF card 32 Gb 160Mb/s and it never failed for me for years

Micron did not sell the technology behind the Lexar brand only the brand name. As far as I am concerned it will take many years before the Lexar Pro brand will regain a reputation that will be trustworthy.

Mark James's picture

My understanding is they sold it to the company that did their manufacturing in China. They should have everything set up and good to go, just change the label. Now, that doesn't mean they will have the same QC parameters put in place. Time will tell.

Pat Black's picture

Micron just sold the name Lexar, Prograde - is the memory card company that retained much of the R&D and some of the staff from what was Lexar along with the manufacturing

John Skinner's picture

This is a dog best left dead and buried.

It was without a doubt. In the top 3 worst company's to gain professional timely support from. I danced a jig the day they went belly up. We were all better off having this this die off.

If they're coming back to life. I hope it's a whole different story for their operations. But they'll never see a dime from me ever again.