A Lot More Nikon Mirrorless Lenses Are Coming Soon

A Lot More Nikon Mirrorless Lenses Are Coming Soon

Nikon mirrorless fans will be pleased to hear that the company is planning at least a dozen new lenses for the next 12 months, greatly expanding their lineup and filling in both some popular and premium options. 

Nikon CFO Muneaki Tokunari recently confirmed the plan to Nikkei, mentioning that at least a dozen new mirrorless lenses are planned for the next fiscal year (April 2021 to March 2022), along with an unspecified amount of new cameras. 

Nikon's Mirrorless Lens Roadmap

As you can see from the roadmap (originally teased late last year), the company's current lens lineup is waiting for a variety of different lenses, including high-end supertelephotos, consumer telephoto zooms, a premium wide-aperture 85mm portrait lens, and more. 

Nikon has mostly taken the opposite approach from Canon. Whereas Canon led with some spectacular lenses that push the boundaries of optical design, Nikon mostly began with more modest lenses such as f/4 zooms that were more pragmatically oriented. With the addition of the silhouetted lenses seen in the roadmap above, the company is sure to grab the attention of wildlife and sports shooters, portraitists, wedding photographers, and macro shooters. On top of that, the DX 18-140mm should pair nicely with the Z 50.

2021 sure looks to be an exciting year!

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Marcelo Rojas's picture

It’s ironic how it’s says “Capture Tomorrow” because of how late Nikon is today.

I don’t think 12 new lenses helps in the slightest. They have been neglecting the entry to mid level markets since 2016 and that’s how they got into this position.

The people these new lenses cater to are the ones that are willing to drop $2000+ on a lens anyway. In other words they are going hard on a target market that only brings in 30% of their revenue as a company who’s camera business is almost their entire source of revenue.

This and the continued lackluster Eye AF means the people who they are targeting with these lenses are already looking towards other camera systems because Nikon’s Eye AF is years behind. Lenses won’t fix that so it’s a lose lose situation to drop lenses for a minority of users when those users are then also given subpar AF that’s worse in every way compared to competitors.

Not even fan boys are so delusional that they are willing to pay the same or more for a far worse product. So Fuji and Sony will continue to cannibalize Nikon’s market share. It’s sad to see

Matthew Hill's picture

Unfortunately they do need to cater to the 30% of the market. Because if you cater to them they say good things. Those good things turn into more sales all around.

Look at advertising now. They get the 1% of the world most people watch to say one thing and sales go up.

So they need to push out more expensive quality stuff. The cheaper items that make up the bulk of their older sales will follow.

Limping in doesn't work.

Dan Donovan's picture

Bottom Line: More PR to keep Nikon users from fleeing.

Ray Runyan's picture

If Nikon is doing so badly at this, why are the z cameras and most of their lenses always backordered? If they are selling everything they can make as fast as they are, why do they need to worry about the photographers that got away?

Lawrence Huber's picture

The backorders are supply chain issues and shutting down factories while trying to make ancient F lenses/bodies still and making Z lenses/bodies at the same time.

Jason Frels's picture

There is quite a global supply chain issue with just about everything right now. It only takes one part in a 5000 part assembly to be delayed and the entire thing is delayed.

Dusty J's picture

Unfortunately they still have abysmal customer service

Daniel Grossman's picture

I've always loved Nikon stuff and I liked their customer service. I never had a problem with it. However, while the world was going mirrorless, Nikon was left behind. Sure, their Z6 and Z7 offerings are pretty good but they can't hold a candle to what Canon or Sony are doing, At my age, with worsening eyesight and shaky hands, the advantages of mirrorless were compelling and I couldn't wait for Nikon any longer. So I reluctantly switched to Canon. I suspect I am not the only one

Matt Brown's picture

Oh Nikon you are a mess. You cut the NPS staff by 20% and have zero understanding how the USA market is working at this point. Photographers haven't worked in a year. How's going to buy your gear?

Ritwick Bhattacharyya's picture

I wish nikon launches that 200-600 for $1500 or less. It will be an instant success just like 200-500. And if they launch some updated mirrorless versions of D7200, D500...it will be amazing!

Joe Svelnys's picture

Sooo waiting for that 200-600, come on Nikon! :)

Shanmuga sundara Bharathi's picture

The saf tunnel visioned part of any discussion on Nikon compares only two of the competitors- Canon & Sony...! There are other corporates in the same field- Pentax, Fuji, Olympus and many more...!
Some how it is felt that these reports and articles are paid / sponsored and so on...! While comparing it is also conveniently forgotten the multitude of products for various purposes Sony and Canon companies are involved in...!