Magmod Launches Three New Revolutionary Lighting Tools for Photographers

Magmod Launches Three New Revolutionary Lighting Tools for Photographers

MagMod has become known for pushing the boundaries of light modifier design. They always put quality, portability, and ease of use into all of their products. With the release of three new lighting tools, they don’t disappoint.

Magmod recently announced three new products to add to their lineup of existing products: a new MagBox, MagRing, and MagShoe.


MagMod's past lineup of modifiers has always been extremely small and portable. The only problem is those small modifiers can’t produce the soft light found on larger modifiers. The MagBox aims to fix this. The MagBox is a 24-inch octabox that packs a number of revolutionary traits. The first is an integrated gel holder. So no more trying to tape gels to the inside of your softbox. The Magbox also has a built-in side zipper to make changing out gels simple and fast.

The most interesting feature of the MagBox though is in the diffusion panels. The first is a traditional cloth diffusion that you find on most softboxes. But the second is a new diffusion material they call the FocusDiffuser. This diffuser has a microstructure that focuses and directs the light forward. This minimizes spill similar to a grid but also increases the light's effective output similar to a Fresnel lens. What you’re left with is a gridded softbox that now has a two-to-three stop increase in effective power.  


The MagRing is basically the mounting system for the MagBox. But in MagMod fashion, this tool has some neat tricks. The main base of the ring is made of metal, which means it integrates nicely with all the magnets found on the MagGrip and other modifiers. This means that you can simply stick your flash to the ring and it will hold there. They have included a set of locking doors to ensure your flashes don't pop off. The MagRing also has a spot for two flashes. This gives you the ability to shoot with double the power or shoot with two flashes to minimize recycling times. Having two flashes also gives you the ability to share the same modifier with a second shooter.


The MagShoe is a new take on the old cold shoe mounts you have grown to hate. This tool aims to make attaching a light to a stand quick and painless. So, no more holding the flash in place with one hand while you twist a small knob to attach the flash with your other hand. Now, you can simply place the flash and rotate a switch with a single hand. The MagShoe also has a squeezable button that allows you to adjust the position of the light with one hand.

Final Thoughts

Out of all these new products, I’m most excited to get my hands on the MagBox with the new FocusDiffuser. I find it extremely fascinating that they were able to create large softbox diffusion material that gives you more effective power instead of making you lose power. This could open a lot of creative possibilities, and I can't wait to see what people come up with.

What product are you most excited about?

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I can see advantage of magbox+magring modifier for speedlights since there is nothing like this around yet which is fast like this but for strobes such Profoto B1 heads, it takes me 5 seconds to mount Rotalux softbox and shoot so kind of missing point to head that direction here... :) but studio work is coming back to wedding photography so some might like this a lot :)

I don't get the "kickstarter" deal. That is just off putting to me, you either believe in the product you are developing and bring it to market or you don't. It is not like they aren't an established company in industry.

The design work and manufacturing details are all done. This is already a finished product. They are basically using kickstarter to take pre-orders.

The Kickstarter method with MagMod is a win-win for everyone. MagMod gets a good idea of the quantity and interest for pre-orders and can leverage Kickstarter's social platform. The supporters and pledgers get a discount. MagMod has a solid track record of fulfilling every order, always. Win-win.

"The Kickstarter method is a win-win for everyone."

Tell that to people who backed projects and never received anything.

Yes, MagMod is different and use the platform to their advantage.

I should have said the Kickstarter method with MagMod is a win-win for everyone. Fixed.

And just for clarity's sake—MagMod has always delivered to it's backers, 100%! MagMod is part of an elite group of Kickstarter creators that live up to their campaign promises, and even more elite because they deliver on time.

I agree, other kickstarters have had some serious issues.

I find this overpriced, the Kickstarter price is much higher than regular retail price of a Rapidbox 26inch from Westcott. Yes the Magmod seems easier to manipulate but I rather spend less for a proven product.

I'm impressed with how innovative this company is. To completely redesign a product like this with this much complexity is extremely difficult.

Totally agree!


Thanks Lee! This means a lot coming from you :O

So stoked about these new products! The diffusion panel is a game changer to the softbox world.

lol I like how they call a lever a "magnetic field disrupter" scfancy stuff guys XD. I'll probably buy one when it comes to market. this is pretty slick. i t looks like it would pretty well at helping me streamline my shoots.

Still can't fit the Profoto A1 though. I know it's not built for that, but... just saying.

You own that? Do you like it?

I technically don't own it, it's company's. I do like it and starting to consider of getting one. A couple of quirks are speedlight accessories usually don't support the A1's weird head shape and battery life. But the recycle time on full power is the real seller.

Actually, it can but requires a very small modification, and can only hold one.

I'm excited about this product. I have nearly all of their products in multiples and use them regularly. My only issue with MagMod is their service. Every order I've made has been messed up. For example, I ordered the MagBeam Standard Kit on 6//20. Today I received a bottle of Mike's Hot Honey. It is kinda funny but I'm not so amused because of the trend of messed up orders. I don't understand the kickstarter thing either, but I'll just wait and try to order the new products when available.

Did you order directly from MagMod, or from a distributor like Amazon?

MagMod. I've always ordered directly from MagMod's website. I live in NC so I'm wondering if they have some kind of fulfillment center somewhere on the east coast. I think they are all terrific people and they have always done the right thing. They sent me an email stating that they UPS expressed me the Magbeam and I should get it tomorrow. I'm beginning to think that I simply have a black cloud over my address and things go sideways. Does anyone need Mike's Hot Honey???

This thing looks awesome! Shut up and take my money!