Martin Roberts Builds A Crane

Martin needed a light weight camera crane that could fit in a backpack, setup in under two minutes, and hold a DSLR. This sounds too good to be true right? Well it was, so I built one by hand.

Light Camera Crane - Build from Martin Roberts on Vimeo.

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This is really cool. I built a camera slider and am working on a rig now. It's funny, I used all of those tools and materials too. Aluminum, drill press, and thread tap makes one solid piece of equipment!

Do you have any pictures of the whole crane? I am interested in making one.

The idea of the wheel as the pivot point is so simple its genius.

Totally SICK!!

The talent base on fstoppers never fails to BLOW me away.

Besides being an engineering marvel, the vid is first cabin!


Top marks for engineering and craftsmanship!
The video itself is very well sot, too.

I hope he's willing to distribute the plans. Not everyone has access to all the tools, but may do.

Nice work.

Great job!

Hm. The Video looks pretty good but is also useless. Nice pictures of machinery but you don't get an idea of how everything works :(

Great video! Loved the quality of the movie.