NASA Astronaut Uses Nikon D5 to Take Space Selfies With Earth in the Background

A NASA astronaut has posted some incredible images of herself in space. One is a close-up selfie and shows off her helmet, while the other was taken in a mirror and visibly shows her outside the International Space Station (ISS) with Earth visible in the background.

Jessica Meir, the astronaut and physiologist featured in the images, is one of six people currently living aboard the ISS. She posted the two images on Twitter on Sunday, casually adding the hashtag #SelfieSunday. In one, we can see what appears to be a sunset or sunrise around the edge of Earth.

To take the pictures, she used a Nikon D5 and 28mm lens, which were housed in protective casing. You can peep a look at it in the second photo, which shows more of her surroundings. Naturally, the unique photos are racking up some traction online.

These are two of a number of photos that have been released of the crew’s latest expeditions, with other images showing Meir during a spacewalk where she was upgrading power systems on the ISS.

You can follow more of Meir’s adventures on her Twitter account.

Photo credit: Jessica Meir and NASA.

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Blake Aghili's picture

LOL Sorry Hasselblad X1ID II 50 C :D

Mutley Dastardly's picture

That camera costed a fortune to get it up there. So you can better take a good one with you.

Ben Bezuidenhout's picture

Jip, she takes nice round photos as well. Keeping up the NASA lies.

Alexander Lobozzo's picture

The curve of the earth in these photos is obviously attributed to lens distortion! Everyone knows the earth is flat..... a documentary on Netflix told me so!!!

David Stephen Kalonick's picture

Okay troll; you win. I'll take the bait. That structure is a box form if you look a bit closer. But yeah, NASA continues to spend billions of dollars to shoot rockets into space and then CGI all their work in a massive studio to continue to fool the Russians. Thank God people like you expose the lies. 🙄