New Camera Emerges, May Be Sony a7S III

New Camera Emerges, May Be Sony a7S III

A new camera has been registered by Sony in Asia, with it possibly being the long-awaited a7S III.

The Sony a7S II was a highly lauded camera, but many creatives are awaiting the third version. Sony has confirmed that a third version will hit the market, and a new camera registration by the company in Asia could be that body. Beyond that, EOS HD uncovered what seems to be the likely sensor for the camera, a 15.3-megapixel model with a quad Bayer design that features 4K video at 60p and could also feature a 61-megapixel mode. Nonetheless, 8K video would not be possible given the design, though the sensor could also create extra resolution and color information at around 4.8K to improve 4K footage. 

In addition, there is a 4K 90p mode, a 3,840 by 1,346 mode at 120p, and numerous other readout modes at faster frame rates (some quite extreme), though which of these might actually appear in a final camera isn't clear. However, given the data sheet, if this is the sensor for the camera, it seems that Sony is aiming less at pushing boundaries and instead at creating a powerhouse 4K camera that produces ultra-high-quality footage. Hopefully, we will see the a7S III soon! 

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Robert Montgomery's picture

Wake me up when Fuji Acos II hits the States.

Tim Sheehan's picture

Another low effort repost of low quality rumours. There is no way in hell an a7siii comes out with a high megapixel, low readout speed, low sensitivity sensor. It would be bad at everything the S series is meant to be good at.

Dennis Johnson's picture

no no, lets discuss the A7-v rumors,.

Dennis Johnson's picture

posting rumors and speculate. anyway, im going to buy a sony next year and its going to be either the A7-4 or A7s-3. right now im test driving the Z6