New Lowepro Dashpoint Action Video Case for GoPro Cameras

Yesterday, the people at Lowepro released a set of new cases for GoPro users. The Dashpoint Action Video Case (now available) comes in two sizes, a small AVC 1 and a larger AVC 2. Both cases are semi-hard shell plastic cases with a soft, customizable interior and are available in two colors: black or blue. Anyone who's used a GoPro knows how difficult it is to keep all the little parts organized in your bag, this might just be the solution.

The small AVC 1 (pictured below on the left) fits one GoPro along with accessories, cases, and mounting. The large AVC 2 (pictured below on the right) holds two GoPros, accessories, cases, mounts, and maybe a little stabilizer. These cool little cases will help keep your GoPro equipment safe and organized, which is a good thing because up until now I've kept all my little accessories in a ziplock at the bottom of my bag.



[Via PopPhoto]

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Coming from a bag manufacturer, i am rather disappointed. They obviously have been doing their designs in a cocoon. Any Gopro users want the INTERIORS of the bag to be water and dust proof for easy cleaning!!! How many of us use a Gopro in a studio? None! It's in dusty, salt water, unimaginable environment. The 'carpet' interior of this bag isn't gg to make it.

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Good point. You'd think they'd design it to be as robust as the system it holds! I'm a SKB case person myself. I like the idea behind the bags but it feels like they're definitely more consumer focused than pro.

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These cases look like they have about as much protection as a Styrofoam food container (notice the "shape" of the edges). Why would you need a "padded"/soft interior for a rugged camera. I would think a hard case (SKB, Pelican, etc.) would make much more sense. Throwing them in a Crown Royal bag and dropping them in a bigger bag/backpack would make as much sense as this case to me.