[News] 6 Tips for Better Portraits via The New York Times

[News] 6 Tips for Better Portraits via The New York Times

Hello Fstoppers' Fans. We just wanted to give Peter Hurley a well deserved pat on the back for just being featured in the Gadgetwise section of the New York Times and to toot our own horn over the success of our first full length tutorial DVD. If you're still in the dark and don't know what all the hype is about then check out the published article where Peter shares a small part of the DVD with, "Six Tips for Better Portraits". Or you can skip all that and jump right into grabbing, "The Art Behind The Headshot" DVD. The most comprehensive DVD on how to get the ideal headshots for your clients. If you are in NYC, you can read through the article in the printed paper.

via [New York Times]
From Kenn:
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John Maxwell's picture

I'm only counting 5 tips, as show your good side is posted twice.

Steven Cohn's picture

We're photographers, damn it!  Not mathematicians!

lol, damn.  I spliced the screens at the wrong point.

John Maxwell's picture

lol, everyone makes mistakes ;)

This is like all the big tips from the dvd... fore free..
And why did I pay $300? 

Patrick Hall's picture

If you learned how to shoot like Peter Hurley from a 1000 word article then you aren't going to be happy about this photo.  In all seriousness, I spent 3 days with Peter in his studio and still didn't "get it".  It wasn't until I put 100+ hours into that DVD that it really sank in.