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Fstoppers Real Estate and Architecture Photography Tutorial With Mike Kelley

Each year Patrick and I work on one extremely large project. Two years ago we created The Art Behind The Headshot with Peter Hurley. Last year we finished our 14 hour tutorial on how to become a wedding photographer. In 2013 we teamed up with Mike Kelley to produce what I believe is the best resource available on How To Photograph Real Estate, Architecture, and Interiors.

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The creation of this tutorial
Patrick and I film, direct, edit, and fund these project ourselves. Creating an almost 8-hour long tightly edited tutorial as a team of 2 is not an easy task and that is why we have only been creating 1 per year. As you can imagine we are very picky about who we team up with because we don't want to waste 6 months to a year of our lives creating something that nobody will be interested in. That being said, choosing to do this "DVD" (actually a digital download) with Mike Kelley was an easy decision. In only 3 years, Mike has has come up with a signature shooting, lighting, and post production style that has made him incredibly successful. In just a few years, Mike went from shooting cheap real estate interiors to working for a variety of commercial clients across the country and internationally.

Mike is a leader in his field
Our DVD with Peter Hurley was successful because he was one of the leaders (if not the leader) in the headshot photography world. Mike is also a leader in his genre of photography. For the last couple of years he has been producing fantastic articles on Fstoppers about his architecture and real estate photography, the history of architectural photography, and of course articles about techniques and workflow. Over this time period his work has been getting more impressive, and his style has become more recognizable with each job.

mike kelley real estate photography

We knew that filming something like this was going to be pretty complicated and time consuming so we decided to fly Mike down to Charleston for 3 weeks to film everything. We ended up booking Mike 3 different multi-million dollar homes to shoot plus 2 of the most famous restaurants in Charleston. We wanted to cover a little bit of everything including commercial work, architectural work, and simple real estate jobs as well.

There is nothing like this on the market
When I first moved to Charleston and began my wedding photography career, I also shot real estate during the week for extra cash. I've bought the books, I've seen the videos, and I can tell you that there is not very much educational information out there about this stuff. Most of the available information is about using lights, or keeping your vertical lines straight. This information may be helpful to those people who have never shot a picture of a house before but it will not help you take your photography to a world class level. It was really exciting for me to film this project because even though I photograph homes for years, I learned an incredible amount from Mike over those 3 weeks. I've used Photoshop professionally for 9 years now, and I learned so many things about Photoshop I never knew simply by watching Mike retouch each of his images (all included in this video).

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Designed for all skill levels
As the directors of this tutorial it was our job to map out the chapters of the video, and one of the hardest parts was getting Mike to slow down and explain everything from a basic level, so that experts as well as those who are completely new to architecture photography can easily follow along. As with most professionals at Mike's level, they are so advanced they sometimes have a hard time explaining their craft to those who are not on their same level. But at the same time we also didn't want this to become just a simple video with real estate photography tips. I'm happy to say that we feel we accomplished our goal of creating a very balanced video that begins with the basics of gear, photoshop, and the business, and quickly brings you up to Mike's incredible level of detail and expertise.

mike kelley how to photograph interiors

Our best tutorial to date
Patrick and I have been editing this video for the last 4 months and it's a huge relief to finally have it finished. I'm also quite confident in saying that this is the best tutorial we have ever made. We've heard what you liked and disliked about our last 2 and we took all of that into account when we made "Where Art Meets Architecture." At the end of the day this video's success has little to do with us though. Mike Kelley is the one who made this workshop what it is. His incredible talent and technique speaks for itself in every one of his pictures. If you have any interest in taking better images of real estate or architecture, and you are struggling to find helpful information on the subject, give this video a shot. I can guarantee you that this will take your work to the next level, or as always, we will happily give you your money back. To learn more about everything this tutorial includes click here.

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Lee Morris is a professional photographer based in Charleston SC, and is the co-owner of Fstoppers.com

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is there also a section about his marketing, as he grew up that big the last 3 years..? you can't become that known with just taking good pictures ;)

Hi Sebastian,

Yes! There is a whole section on marketing and how I started a business not once, but twice. And lots of other business advice too :)

Maybe there is another small video comin up with you talking a bit about this section, honestly i can't spent 300 bucks for the hole dvd :-/

Without having seen the dvd, I think his success came from doing something so neat and so tidy which people hadn't seen so much of before. And then of course working for the right people in the right city where there's a market for it (which is why he moved to Los Angeles I guess) :)

Hi Mike! How many hours of actual shooting do you do at places like the bigger oceanfront houses like the ones shown in the video? Is that a set number of image-planned shoot or do you cover most of the space in the building during a whole day?

I tell clients I can do 10 images a day, usually. 6-8 interiors and 2-4 exteriors. Sometimes I can get some more details done, too, but any more than that and it turns in to a bit of chaos. I can do a twilight in the morning and and night, but I try not to do more than one at a time. Each one takes about 2-3 hours on site and anywhere from 2-12 hours in post, but daylight images can take significantly less time in post depending on the style i'm going for.

Thanks, @Mike_Kelley:disqus . Good to know that it takes time. One gets the feeling that everyone else is 500% more efficient at everything, because its mostly the end result that gets explained, not the work put into it along the way.

Your DVD seems like a solid product!
Will put it on my wishlist for christmas.
Keep up the good work!

so true.

T H A N K Y O U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On my Christmas list....Mike....Bless You Child!!!!

Amazing work! I have been shooting model homes lately and have been pretty much learning as I go. It's not easy, but I LOVE that magic 15 to 20 minutes of light.!

I'm sure I would find this video extremely helpful... may have to set aside the lens purchase!


Blown away.... I´ll definetely get this tutorial.

Congrats Mike! I've enjoyed your work and discussion on PFRE and Flickr for some time.

Not only do you create great photography, you also throw a mean back rodeo. Respect.

Hi MIke, great work. I'm a full time real estate photographer in Miami. It's really great creating great images for beautiful homes and getting paid for doing what you love. When you love what you do the sky is the limit.


I thought some of these houses looked familiar.. I saw Mr. Kelley's stuff 2 yrs ago on Strobist.. was impressed then.and now I'm impressed even more.. dam good stuff here . (http://strobist.blogspot.ca/2011/09/mike-kelley-two-speedlight.html). Nice job Mike! Way to go FS!

Wow this looks awesome! I wish I could afford it. It's definitely something I'll be saving up for.

Can someone tell me which app is used here?


THIS.. is why I still frequent FStoppers.

The video releases done by Lee & Patrick have been really slick productions and I took a lot away from all of them. Good site (although it loosing some of that photographic appeal anymore) and great productions. I look forward to seeing this.

Thanks John. Our goal has never been to make FS all about Lee or I and these originals take an unbelievable amount of time to produce. We are going to get back to doing more of them but our readers have also shown a great interest in some of the more light hearted content, news, controversy, and short simple tips. But yes, this is what we love doing the most!

the tutorials are very good, but too expensive, if you want to sell more lower prices,

Mr. Kelley, I tried your technique. I am not pleased with it, by no means, but it was the first official 'Try'. I don't have a gel or a OCF setup like you do. But I tried none the less. I will keep trying until I get it right. Do you have any suggestions on how I could make this type of shot work. Is it the equipment you are are using, is that what I am missing? Or is it a matter of technique? Any idea or advice that you can give, would be greatly appreciated. I think you have awesome skills, and hope to be close to that one day. Thank you.

(By not pleased with it, I meant, I am not pleased with my own results. Not your technique, by no means.

Hi Shannon - no equipment missing - you just need to shoot earlier in the day while there is more ambient light, so that the flashes blend more seamlessly with the background.

Hi Mike... I'm going to buy the video tutorial soon... but I have a feeling an hour or two into it, I'm going to WANT a tilt/shift lens... (actually want one NOW lol), but can you tell me how essential is it to own one? (because we ALL know tilt/shift lenses aren't cheap). As of right now I own lenses that cover from 12mm to 200mm (on full frame), but I'm starting to not really care for the distorted look of the UWA 12mm or a anything wider than 20mm. Are there any alternatives to a T/S lens?

I tried Mike's technique on a listing in Richmond Va and while no where near as nice as his work I was impressed with the possibilities, and am looking forward to adding his techniques to future jobs. $299 certainly seems like a fair price to me.

Great Tutorial! Thanks


Hi Mike I tried your technique for the first time the other day would really like to know your opinion and thank you for the great DVD learnt so much from it! If you want to see the before shot its on my blog jkibbler.blogspot.co.uk thanks

check your verticals

Thanks for offering a great class Mike & FStoppers. I've purchased the class, downloaded and unzipped everything. When reading the syllabus in the notes section, there are 4 classes listed for a total of 5:40 minutes approximately. Did I miss downloading the rest? The page said it was an 8 hour tutorial and wanted to make sure that I didn't do something wrong in the download. Thanks and from what I've see so far, it looks like a great tutorial. Although, I do wish you could have touched on the pricing a little more, with a targeted figure or average. Some kind of an industry standard could really help us out. Thanks, Wendy

You should have downloaded 4 files. Each one is around 2 hours

great video its worth the money